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  1. 1st bid $86 4* Bellevue denied 2nd bid $96 adding Kirkland (knowing there are no 4* properties there or in any other zones I added) denied 3rd bid $101 adding Renton denied 4th bid $106 adding Newcastle accepted!! The Hyatt Bellevue is a real nice property, and (insider tip) parking is free for Friday and Saturday night stays :-)
  2. 1st bid $56 3* for Lake Union area denied. 2nd bid adding Seattle Center area and increasing price to $65 was accepted. And of course I used the PRICELINE link. Thank you for this great service!
  3. Was looking for a weekend getaway hotel on the east side of Seattle and found a really great deal through Priceline. This was a really nice property with pool, breakfast and free parking. Rooms were very clean and modern. Bid history: $64 3.5 stars Bellevue (rejected); $71 3.5 stars adding Kirkland (rejected); $64 added Renton and lowered star rating to 3 stars (accepted). Used the BetterBidding link to initiate my bidding. Thanks again for the great resource!
  4. I should add that I also bid $43 for a 2.5* property in Bellevue to start, but it was rejected. I then lowered the star rating to 2 and lowered the price to $37, which was accepted.
  5. $37 got me into the Extended Stay America in Factoria (Bellevue) for a Sunday night stay 3/17/13. This seems to be a pretty reliable bid amount for this hotel chain in the Seattle area, assuming they have rooms to spare. Of course I used the link on this site to book it. Thanks for this great service!!
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