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  1. Dates of travel 3/31/17 to 4/8/17 - the boutique hotel is .2 - 4 mi away choice of bed available
  2. Hotwire has 3* for $68 and says 90% recommend. The only 3 star hotel in the hotwire list that says boutique is the Hyatt House sterling, but they also say "complimentary breakfast" which as you can see the below full amenities does not include breakfast. Is this a new boutique hotel in this area? Am i missing something. Thanks for your help. FULL AMENITIES: Free parking, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Boutique hotel, Indoor pool(s), Airport shuttle, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf n
  3. Did matrix bidding, wanted a room in sterling east but also had good zones of Dulles North and Leesburg Ashburn with a free zone of falls church east. Started bidding at $35 increased by $5. At $45, received notice if i bid $56 i would win a room. Refused and then bid $50 for both sterling east and dulles north and got Holiday Inn at sterling east. The PRICELINE EXPRESS seemed to have the same hotel for $58... so overall saved $11 (additional $3 for fees/taxes) by bidding. This further shows that if you are in a rush and can't take the time to bid, then you are probably not lo
  4. Amenities: Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Internet access Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower On priceline's list view this hotel was $89. I would have done matrix bidding on priceline, but the crowne plaza appeared to be listed (pets allowed) under their "express deals" for $60 and figured i would end up winning that again (staying there 12/30) vice getting embassy suites which I wanted for
  5. Did some matrix bidding starting at $30, increasing by $5 until I got to $50. They then offered that if i bid $63, I could win a hotel. I refused, bid $52, they once again offered at $63. I bid $55 and won the crowne plaza. A side note, not sure if anyone is keeping separate track of the new "priceline Express", but they had a 3 1/2 star hotel in tysons with the following amenities, which with the pets allowed pretty sure it was also the crowne plaza. They were offering for $60 which means I saved a whopping $5 by bidding vice using express deals! Amenities: Free Internet in room
  6. Looked at the hotel list and didn't see any with "indoor pool" so maybe this is a new hotel Did some searching on trip advisor and springhill suites has the same review rating as quoted in hotwire and located in the area. If we end up actually going we'll put the results in, just wondering if anyone else has come across it. North charleston - CHS area hotel 6/4/13 one night 3* amenities listed: free parking free breakfast free internet indoor pool accessible for blind accessible for deaf accessible path of travel in-room accessbility accessible bathroom handicap parking roll-in shower
  7. His winning bid of $35 for a 4* contradicts the FAQ page which states the following: "Priceline has set minimums at each quality level by which they will not even consider your bid if it is below their self-imposed minimum. Those minimums are: 1* $15; 2* $17; 2.5* $19; 3* $25; 3.5* $25; 4* $40; 5* $55; Resort $40 " So is this not an absolute rule?
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