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  1. I may have only saved 20% or so on this after the fees, but hey, that'll pay for a meal. With no availability for Friday (summers are tough, summer weekends are tougher), I decided to indulge a bit on this father-son overnight. I used the Betterbidding PRICELINE link. There is really only BW Ruby's Inn and BW Lodge 2* at 2* or above in this zone. Bid $70...rejected...added 2* Bid $75...rejected Waited One Day Bid $80...Counter, Add $25... Bid $85...rejected Waited another day Bid $90...Counter, add $25 Bid $92...rejected Waited a day...bid 95, counter add $25 waited a day Bid $96...counter,
  2. MGM is now $20/night, at least during the spring. All it covers is internet, a newspaper, and a drink or two. They also charge $20 to rent a crib per night. This hotel is beautiful, and extremely unfriendly financially to families with young children. $19.95 will get a 4 year old dinner at the Grand Buffet (Mandalay, Monte Carlo, and Mirage are free until age 5). They also charge $16/day to rent an inner tube for their lazy river. Shouldn't the resort fee be illegal? It seems like a bait and switch tactic if the fees are now all mentioned up front. Why not just charge people an extra $1
  3. There are now 2 bidding zones for Disneyland. There is Disneyland/Anaheim, and a second zone with Garden Grove and Orange. The Hyatt has been upgraded to a 4*, so anyone wanting that over the Crowne Plaza now can start safely bidding.
  4. I've won the Loews a few times and never the Marriott. Although you could win the Marriott, the Loews historically goes for less on the bid history. I've won the Loews in the past for 119 and this year 100 (Memorial Day weekend). The Marriott has come in, but I have not seen a posting for that little. Take the risk and bid $100. If you stay below $120, it's unlikely that you would win the Marriott.
  5. 40 rejected--PL countered 52 41 ACCEPTED Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $41.00 Subtotal: $41.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $13.46 Total Charges*: $54.46 Used the Betterbidding PRICELINE link
  6. So the retail fare skyrocketed to 447, causing the Priceline fare to go to 281. I bid 280 and was rejected. I declined their off peak hours, then they gave me my flight for that same 281 with no red-eye. United, 2 seats, nonstop 4:50 departure Friday 7/10 8:05 departure Thursday 7/16 on the return When I tried the link, it said Midway was the best deal and wanted 37.75 in taxes even to O'Hare, so I'll have to just use the PRICELINE link for the hotel.
  7. I just used the PRICELINE link and bid 140/ticket and had the same $28.65 in taxes. Priceline offered me the same counter (off peak hours) at $198 + the $28 and change in taxes. When I declined it and said that I would be willing to fly during off peak hours, the taxes suddenly went up to $37.75/ticket. This has connection written all over it compared to the earlier taxes. I would prefer to avoid the flight back at 5:15am from ORD to PHX which connects to LAX on Useless errr US Airways. I think I'll actually consider the 198 + tax counter and hope for the nonstop that gets in at 12:47am t
  8. I won a compact for $16/day + tax from June 28th to July 1. I won about 10 cars a couple of years back from LAX. When you put in a bid of $5, Priceline kind of laughs at you and tells you what would give you a "good chance" and a "great chance" if you're at select airports. I still try and go a buck or two under the "good chance" just to be sure if I have time to rebid. Normally the "good chance" gets it done. Occasionally less for me, but rarely...
  9. I may creep up my bid a bit. If I got a $198 + tax counter, I can only hope that it's like hotel bidding where I can undercut that a bit. The fact that United and American both have hubs in Chicago should increase the likelihood of a non-stop flight, though off-peak could mean it lands at 12:47am (after 12:30am) or takes off at around 11pm (after 10pm) and landing around 4:30am Chicago time. I would love the 12:47am landing, though the 4:30am landing would have to be a good price for it to be worthwhile. Even if I could check my 32 pound 2 1/3 year old, I think United would still charge me
  10. Bid 100 per ticket to try and get a counter... PL countered $226/ticket including taxes and fees if I was willing to add off-peak hours from LAX-ORD Airline Ticket Offer Price: $198.09
  11. I know that Priceline can give me one connection if it chooses to, but do the taxes give you any indication whether the flight would stop or not? On Orbitz, non-stop with no fees, the taxes are about $21. For a priceline bid, the taxes would be about $28. Would this be the $21 + Priceline fees, and does this mean I would get a non-stop flight? From Burbank (where there has to be a connection to O'Hare), the taxes are about $37 (extra $9 or $10). How reliable is the tax test? July 10th to July 15th, retail about $340 (I would have booked this a month ago when retail was $219 if I knew I de
  12. I figured I'd get either this or the Westin St. Francis based on betterbidding research. USW would have probably been a couple of bucks cheaper, but not worth the gamble of all of those 4 stars. Clicked Your PRICELINE Link... Started USE $60...Priceline countered $77 Added Civic Center 61...rejected Added Lombard 62...rejected Added Fisherman's Wharf 63...rejected Started over and reclicked the PRICELINE link USE + South SF 64...rejected Added Civic 65...rejected Added Wharf 66...rejected Started over and reclicked the PRICELINE link USE + South SF + Lombard 67...ACCEPTED Your Offer Price Per
  13. I was thinking about going to Big Bear for a weekend in June. For about $62 before taxes, HOTWIRE is showing a 3.5* hotel. Amenities: Resort Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) High-speed Internet Access "Resort fee about 5 percent of room rate..." Any ideas???
  14. I've bid in the San Diego Coastal Area many times. Although I have won the Hyatt in Jolla a few times, there is no guarantee you wouldn't end up on Mission Bay with the Hilton or Hyatt Mission Bay (formerly Hyatt Islandia). If you really need to be IN La Jolla and not just near it, try Hotwire.
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