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  1. The rate I have for Springhill is $140 including taxes for 5 people in a suite with 2 doubles and a pull out sofa. Amerisuites has a total of 4 people per room. So I had to go for 2 rooms. I tried at $65.00. It was not accepted. I went to $70 - same result. We decided that if we went to $75 with taxes and service fees, it might not be worth all the effort. So we are going to stay with our original choice this time. Again thank you all for your input.
  2. Great. Thanks. I think I will try. I will advise. I appreciate all the help.
  3. Sorry I did not respond back. Things got so hectic at work, I had no time to follow up. I assume it is porbably too late to bid now. One of the other couples reserved a room at the Springhill Suites. We can cancel up to 48 hours before without penalty. Has anyone ever heard of this place?
  4. This time, I am looking for the cheapest (as long as it is 3* rating)as we are 6 and the others want the cheapest. I would prefer to spend a bit more and get a complimentary breakfast plus free shuttle from the airport.
  5. Thank you. This has clarified it for me. I am interested in 2 rooms in Ft Lauderdale (downtown) as your site recommends) for March 22 for 1 night. We leave on a cruise March 23rd.
  6. I am totally new to both priceline and Hotwire. I have been reading FAQs and posts. However, I seem to be reading conflicting information. Can you advise if after you have made your initial bid, and I have entered all my credit card information, do I get what I am given? Or do I get a list of available properties (without the names) and I can choose which one. Or does this only occur when I have clicked multiple zones and there are hotels available in each zone. Is this true on both Hotwire and Priceline or just one or the other.
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