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  1. Thanks for your response. So I concluded my previous thread regarding my last stay in NYC. :) My preferred zones by Priceline names are Marina - Lombard Street and Fisherman's wharf I thought about staying at Union Square - East ,Union Square west, South Of Market - Moscone Center, but a friend that lived in San Francisco said that these areas are adjacent to the infamous Tenderloin neighborhood and therefor not so safe to walk the streets at night. I have done bidding already - for each of the zones mentioned above going up to 170$ (before taxes and fees) and i think it was for 2* hotels or higher. I prefer to stay at 2-3* hotel/motel so i guess my answer is to get the least expensive hotel at 2-3* star rating. In these rates, don't you think it's better to make a reservation without bidding? I mean 20-30$ discount worth the non-cancellation policy? Amir
  2. Eventually, my mother was afraid we wouldn't be able to cancel the reservation she made for a 3* hotel in manhattan so i dropped the idea of making a reservation using "name your own price". Amir
  3. Hi guys, As my title suggest, I need your help finding 2-3.5* hotel in San Francisco on September 15-19. Prices are ridiculously high so I thought I could try to "name my own price" using Priceline. On my last visit ti San Francisco I stayed at Travelodge By The Bay (2* star hotel on Lombard-Van Ness street) but now they are charging an average of 240$ per night! Preferred areas: Marina-Lombard, Union square, Fisherman's wharf (I don't remember much about the other areas) Looking forward for your help, Amir Polansky
  4. Hello everyone, I'm having a hard time finding 2 rooms (4 people) in NYC. I've made more than 15 bids already. Dates are 10/7/12-10/13/12 (6 nights). I tried to get 2*+ hotels in CPS,ESB, MSG,MW and TS. My last offer was about 220$ (on ESB & CPS). We are thinking of getting 1 room instead of 2 but that's not our preferable option. P.S: I know nothing about Chelsea/Hell's Kitchen. Your help is very much appreciated, Amir
  5. Just won Best Western hotel in Old Town Quebec for 110$ (Not including taxes and fees).