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  1. Been bidding on hotels around this area on and off for a few weeks -- super high rates at this time (I'm guessing the conference I'm heading to is driving it up). Finally upped my price over $200 and dropped my requests to include 3.5* hotels, too (had been bidding for only 4* +). How I (finally) won: Started with Downtown - Shopping District - Convention Center, 3.5*, $203 (fail) added free rebid of Issaquah at $205 (fail) added free rebid of Kent at $207 (won) A little disappointed that its on the other side of the highway from the convention center, but such is the chance you take with PRICELINE! Saving around $130 (after taxes and fees) over the listed price ($269/nt)
  2. Thrilled with this win. In town for a conference at the Convention Center. Looked it up on their website -- would've paid $350/night if booked through them. (FYI: on the hotels list, on this site, it is listed as a 4*) Hotel Amenities Free Internet Pet friendly Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Golf nearby Tennis nearby Spa services Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Wheelchair accessible Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower
  3. Started bidding Central Park South, 4* at $159. Added Midtown West at $160 and won. Been trying rates around this much (maybe even a little higher, and in 3.5*s, too) for these areas for the past week or two, and now that it got closer, it finally hit at the price I wanted. Started from the PRICELINE link here.
  4. Used the PRICELINE link! Sorry I forgot to post that in the initial message.
  5. Tried lowballing $32 to start. Tried University area, 3.5*, added 3* $34, added Owings Mills $34, added Baltimore West $36, added Airport $36, added 2* $37, added Airport East $39 hit. (for the Baltimore West area) Looks like they have free breakfast, free internet, free parking. Didn't really care where I stayed -- flying out of BWI the next morning and I live 3 hrs away.
  6. Thought I'd post my win for others! Bidding strategy: -Downtown, 4*, $60 (rejected) -added Beach, $62 (rejected) -added Coral Springs, $63 (rejected) -added Airport North, $64 (rejected) -added Miramar, $66 **accepted!**
  7. Wanted a 3*'s in the North Airport area (better shot at free parking) -- was hoping for Hyatt, but this will do...
  8. Was trying to bid for a 3.5* (hoping for the Marriott), but got upgraded to a 4* Here was my bidding process: Midtown: 3.5*, $65 added Union Park: $66 added Jonesboro: $67 added Stockbridge : $69 -- got a hit. Side note: I tried to add a day to the beginning of my trip, but it didn't accept it. (I didn't use the PRICELINE link for these two wins I'm posting now, but will in the future!)