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  1. I've tried, going through your [url=]PRICELINE[/url] link, and have bid up to $95 for one night in Atlantic City - Cape May, NJ area on a minimum 4 start. but with no luck as of yet...not sure I should go any higher or wait a bit more. Any advice?
  2. Yes I indicated above that I've included Downtown in my bids as well and knew that was the Hyatt by Superdome..I bid up to $120 today with French Quarter and Downtown and still no luck. Is there something going on that weekend? Others are finding rooms in the $60-$80 for the following weekends.
  3. I clicked on your links and checked the best rate. I've even included downtown now in my bids, I bid up to $100 today but no luck. The best rate on the MAPS and link I saw was the Hyatt Regency at $166/night.
  4. French quarter only, want to party on Bourbon and Frenchmen Street.
  5. FYI still been bidding went as high as $97 today with no luck...guess it's better to be only a couple of weeks out to get a great deal.
  6. Thanks for the welcome! When I searched at winning bids I found a lot of people that got accepted at $60 at the Mariott and that was over a weekend as well. They would bid in the high 50's and priceline would counter at $68, they would reject and put in at $60 and then it was accepted. I was hoping to be in that $60-$70 range.
  7. Hi there, I'm looking to book a 4*+ room in the French Quarter from Thursday Nov 1st - Sunday Nov 4th. I've been bidding on priceline the last two days starting from $55 and increasing my increments $1 up to $65 with no luck yet. Was wondering if anything was going on that weekend and/or if I should continue to keep increasing my bid or hold tough for a bit as I'm bidding to early. thanks!