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  1. We went with Hotwire and got a 2-queen room at the Wyndham Garden Anaheim for $136/night. Jan 30 - Feb 1. Just curious, is it still possible to do the bididng strategy on Priceline?
  2. It looks like things have changed with Priceline name your own price. It's only available on the app and you can only choose one neighborhood at a time. You can rebid after 24 hours or by changing the neighborhood or star level. Not being able to choose multiple neighborhoods at once makes the bidding strategy not possible.
  3. Edit: within walking distance (less than 1 mile) of Disneyland would be preferred.
  4. Near Disneyland. I'm not familiar with the area so I could use some help with the zones to include. 1/30 - 2/1 4* $120 2 Adults and 2 kids
  5. Thanks. Is the $37/night per room? That's one thing that wasn't clear to me when searching for 2 rooms on Hotwire.
  6. I'm hoping to book 2 nights during spring break. My biggest question now is, using Priceline or Hotwire, will I need to book 2 rooms? I'd prefer one large room or a suite. My wife and I would take one bed, 2 older kids in a second bed, a couch or roll-away for 3rd kid, and the youngest needs a crib. Is there anyway to get this type of room or suite by bidding on Priceline or Hotwire? From the limited research I've done so far, it looks like I need to book 2 rooms using the bidding strategy. Any tips on getting the best deal for a family of 6? Would we be better off going the traditional booking route? We're flexible on the dates - any 2 nights during the weeks of 3/30-4/4. We're looking for a kid-friendly hotel on the strip (The Mirage, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Trump, NYNY, Excaliber, etc) It seems most of these are 4*+.
  7. Our trip ended up being Wed, Sept 19 - Mon, Sept 24. Wed - Sat nights we stayed in Secaucus, NJ and took the bus over to Manhattan each day. We stayed in the La Quinta, which I highly recommend. The bus was easy and took us straight to Port Authority. From there, it's an easy walk to Times Square or a subway trip to anywhere in Manhattan. The bus adds about $16/day for 2 people. On Friday I placed a bid to spend Sunday in Times Square. The first bid of $130 was accepted. Should have started lower, which brings up a question about how Priceline works. If Priceline would accept a bid for Hotel A for $90, Hotel B for $110, and Hotel C for $130, and I bid $130, which hotel would they award me? Anyway, we enjoyed spending our last night in Times Square, although the DoubleTree didn't impress. It was about equal to the 2* La Quinta in Secaucus, NJ (which included breakfast and had a pool). The only advantage it has is location.
  8. Our trip to New York was Wed-Sun. I had been trying for all 5 nights for under $200 - with no success. So we stayed in Secaucus, NJ, and bussed it over to Manhattan each day. Sunday was the last night of our trip and I placed this bid Friday. $130 was my first bid so its likely they would have gone lower. It was nice to spend our last night in Times Square.
  9. This trip has moved back 2 days - Sept 19 - 24. I'm giving it a last minute effort now. If the hotel we already have booked in NJ lets us check out early, I'll keep trying for a partial stay, like Sat & Sun nights.
  10. I'm thinking of starting bidding up to $200 for 4* in Chelsea, Soho, Downtown. Good idea or not? On the map, these all look close to subway stations.
  11. OK . . . I've bid up to $200 for 4*, 3.5* and 3* in TS, MTW, and CPS. I've also bid up to $200 for 4* MSG, ESB, MTE. No luck. I'm ready to try additional zones but I'm not sure which would be best. This is my wife and my first trip to New York. It'll be a sightseeing tour and we'll get around by subway. What other zones would be good?
  12. I'd like to try going down to 3.5* and then 3* star in TS, MTW, and CPS. I'd like to stay below $180 but could go to $200 if you think $180 is unlikely. After that I'll open it up to other zones like Downtown. The purpose of our trip is to visit landmarks and museums. Any other zones I should begin to consider? Chelsea, Madison Square Garden, Soho? Thanks. This advice and help has been awesome.
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