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  1. Hey Guys, Just looked up on Hotwire for April 2-4, 2013 and a 4* in the Kensington Earls Court for $75 area shows up but without any amenities showing. I was thinking I was going crazy but not able to find it but realized there was none showing. Anyone able to help me identify this hotel? Also same dates Chelsea-Knightsbridge-Harrods area for 86$ with the following amenities: Fitness Centre, Restaurants, Business Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Spa Services, Accessible for the blind, Accessible for the deaf, Accessible path of travel, In-Room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Handicapped parking, Roll in shower. If anyone can help I'd deffo appreciate it! J
  2. Old hotel in the East End of Toronto! My old haunts!
  3. Hey Guys! So apparently I won a hotel! Go me! I was super excited as I $90-$95-$100...and then $110 I got a win! Sweet! But then I looked up the location of the hotel and was shocked as this hotel is in an area its not the area thats shaded on the Name Your Own price map. I'm on the line with customer relations in regards to this as this hotel is quite far from central Seoul itself. Infact its on the southern side of the Han River which separates the Northern part to the Southern part. The only zone that is listed on the southern side is Seocho-Gu - Gangnam-Gu. Will let ya know what happens. ***UPDATE*** So apparently the agent told me that yes, this is a mistake and they would have to send it to corporate to update this info on the website. I was told that if I attempt to bid that Zone there is a chance that I would get the same hotel again. So was told if I wanted a hotel in South Central Zone that I should book it the normal way. Excuse me? :) Oi vey, he said that it would take some time for the hotel to be updated in the Priceline system. And well he is cancelling the hotel I bid and refunding me within 5-7 business days apparently. At least they were nice at customer service/customer relations. Inconvenience...a little, but what can ya do! The hotel that I "won" is: Best Western Premier Guro Hotel 4 star South Central Seoul 1128-1 Guro-Dong, Guro-Gu , Seoul, Republic Of Korea
  4. So I went ahead and already attempted today for a hotel. Started at 80$ and worked my way up to 100$. I tried at first for South Central Seoul, then included Downtown Seoul. So I'm going to wait this out a little bit maybe things might get better, I'm now looking around for decent refundable hotels. Will check out the links you gave me and will update my strategies and steps taken tomorrow when I attempt again. And I am certain that I'm using the better bidding links when I begin my travel purchases! :)
  5. Hey Guys, Followed the PRICELINE link from BetterBidding to bid a hotel at the start of my holidays heading to Asia. I got all confused with the hotels for Heathrow being split into 3: Slough, North, and South. I ended up requesting south because it seemed to look like it was closest to Terminal 4 where my departing flight would be from. I ended up bidding $65 right off the bat and ended up winning on the first try. Was aiming for the Hilton, but this is more than alright! Sheraton Skyline Hotel London Heathrow 4 star South Heathrow Airport Heathrow Airport, Bath Road , West Drayton, United Kingdom Cheers!
  6. Howdy thereuare, Thanks for moving the topic to a more appropriate forum and responding with the "Bid Early or Close to Check-In" link. I had a chance to go over the info and it hasnt helped my indecisiveness. Hmm I've always had trouble with how pricey Seoul hotels or Asia hotels have been in general, so hopefully I can use Priceline as a first to get a lovely rate at least for the two nights that I'm looking for. Its kinda end of season intro to low season so we'll see. I'm aiming for a check in of 30OCT12 and check out of 02NOV12 for Zone 1 and 2 for either a 3 or 4 star. Current Median Prices showing on Priceline Zone 1 (South Central Seoul) 4* 180$ 3* 196$ Zone 2 (Downtown Seoul) 4* 229$ 3* 226$ And with knowing how pricey it can be with hotels in Seoul and my experience of reserving a love hotel on Travelocity, I'm aining for $140-$160 which I hope is not seeming to be lowballing. Any advice would be much appreciated! And I am going to definitely try booking a hotel at the fully refundable rate at least to have something until I make a breakthrough with Better Bidding. Cheers!
  7. Hello Everyone! New to BB, happy to be here and glad there are people helping each other out with bidding assistance. Will be sure to bid through the PRICELINE or HOTWIRE links so that this site gets the acknowledgement it deserves. I'm writing for some help in regards to bidding for Seoul, South Korea. I depart on the 29th October 2012 and will be staying there for a few nights. I just wanted to ask, is it too early? I think I'm thinking too much like airline tickets, the earlier you book the cheaper it can be? Or am I being naive? Give me a heads up! Cheers!
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