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  1. Thanks, but now I have another problem. I tried to enter a bid but their was no way to complete my address as their drop down menu does not list any Canadian provinces. I have emailed their help center but if anyone knows the answer so I can start my bidding today that would be great.
  2. Thanks Romelle I also got some direction from Priceline by email. Following their directions : Go to "Search Flights" then under the "help" menu at the top right of the page, click on FAQ. Halfway down that page it has a box "search by topic". When I entered "layover" it took me to "connections, stops, and layovers", where I got this : If you choose to Name Your Own Price® , or choose any reservation where the full itinerary is not disclosed prior to purchase, we will always search first for non-stop flights; however, you must agree to make at least one connection each way. By agreeing to make "up to at least one connection," you could be placed on a flight with either one stop OR one connection, but never one connection plus one or more stops. Similarly, if you agree to make up to two connections, you could receive a reservation with one stop AND one connection, or two stops, or two connections. Connection time is determined in conjunction with the best available routing. You will see your complete itinerary, including total stops and/or connections and connection times after your purchase is completed. Additional information on Name Your Own Price® or other undisclosed itinerary connections: Domestic travel: Connection times for domestic travel can be up to 3 hours, depending on the best available routing. Keep in mind that 80% of domestic connections are 2 hours or less. International travel: When flying internationally, connection times vary according to the destination. Please review our guide to average and longest international connection times. Following along to the guide I got this information : Average and Maximum International Connection Times Destination region Africa 3.9 8 Asia 3.0 8 Australia 2.5 8 Canada 1.5 4 Caribbean 1.5 4 Central/South America 2.3 5 Europe 2.3 6 Mexico 2.3 5 Middle East 3.4 7 South Africa 4.5 12 *Data updated 7/1/2005 The first set of numbers is the average, the second set is the maximum. It does say Data updated in 2005 do I hope that is still valid.
  3. YVR to FCO Is that how I should input a request for "Name Your Own Price" on Priceline for Vancouver to Rome? Or should I just put Vancouver and Rome, or Rome, Italy? This would be my first time using Priceline and I don't want to end up with the wrong ticket. Thanks for the help.
  4. I just used Cruise Compete to book a cruise from Rome through the Greek Islands this October. I got a better price than on the ship's website, even though I have cruised with them before and supposedly qualify for lower rates. What can be good with using Cruise Compete is that because many agents at once are providing quotes you can end up with some extras in the way of On Board Credits. This time I also got Excursion Credits. I usually find the cruise I want first from Vacations To Go, then send in the bid request to CC. Now I just have to find a good airfare to Rome!!!
  5. Vancouver to Rome late October to early November This is my first post to this forum and I would like to try to bid on this flight. However I am concerned about the maximum layover that might occur. Is there any way to find out what that might be before I put in a bid? I don't mind having flights at any time of day or night but hate to think I might be stuck at an airport waiting for a connecting flight for many hours. Can any one help me?
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