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  1. I decided to close this deal on hotwire using HOTWIRE link. The property was exactly the baymont inn and suites celebration. Very happy with this purchase and looking forward for my trip. Do you want me to post this as a new topic? Thanks ;)
  2. While I keep trying the suggested bid strategy everyday, using PRICELINE link, I am looking hotwire and priceline deals.... Today I found the following on Hotwire for U$31/night - total $363.70 + U$80 resort fee due on checkin 3-star Hotel in Walt Disney World - Bonnet Creek area 65% recommended Amenties: Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Internet, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Business center, Self-service laundry.. I know its completelly different from the zones I am biding on, but, for the price / amenities I am really considering get it. What would be the best guess for this property? Thanks again
  3. I will send him the links and as soon as I have a win I will post here as a new topic. Thanks ;)
  4. So far no lucky bidding up to U$42... I was taking a new look at the express deals and found this one for U$49: express deal U$7 + than the top bid but includes breakfast, do you think it worth? Thanks
  5. No, no ad blocker, java is ok also, but, I think now I get why this problem. When I tried book the way you suggested, w/o login to my account, when I am on the billing address form, it only let me choose US or Canada and my CC was issued in Brazil. Unfortunatelly I think I wont be able to bid, but I will talk to a friend in the US, He probably can bid to me. Anyway, thanks for the support here.
  6. Yes, is the same thing here, I just did not pay attention what was the text on the button, but I believe We are looking at the same layout. I print every step of the way, will answer all questions except the browser... The prints I took on firefox using my laptop, but the scenario is the same on Chrome and Internet Explorer. Step1: https://ibb.co/ff6r0n Step2: https://ibb.co/kRYtD7 Step3: - This is where I am having the problem: https://ibb.co/dPhW0n https://ibb.co/d1LvRS https://ibb.co/k6UB0n https://ibb.co/fE3tD7 https://ibb.co/cYs3D7 As I can't select / add a credit card on the form, When I click BOOK nothing happens...
  7. No problem, just reported the win on the 1st period in a new topic. As soon as I have news on that I will post on that topic, for now I will keep trying current strategy.. No, the car rental will be for the entire period of this trip, from 4/6 to 4/23 and both pickup and drop off will be on FLL airport. U$12.... the picklist does not show any credit card info, either if I add it again on the page, or if I try to use a saved credt card.. so I cant click in the SUBMIT button because I am unable to fill mandatory data. Will put a print screen below: https://ibb.co/fuD1GS PS: I have 2 Credit cards saved on my account and they are working fine for hotels.
  8. Winning bid was U$40,00 for the Days Inn Orlando Convention Center, using PRICELINE link. amenities: Free Internet (in Room) Outdoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center Based on priceline comments I believe parking is free as well. Very happy because of the location :D and hotel looks decent too.
  9. That Orlando thread it is indeed part of the same travel, but just our 2nd period there. (If you want to merge both threads no problem) We going to arrive at FLL airport on Apr 06 and head directly to Orlando until Apr 9. Then We going to a cruise for 5 days and go back to Orlando. This first period I already won flwing a similar strategy but on the 2nd period stil trying everyday but no luck yet. I was waiting to disclose that once I succeed on the 2nd period Because they did not ask for further info about the problem and never hear back from them.. I had to ask again about the issue a few days back, and, again, was the same answer. Always using the links... is the least I could do ;) Tks
  10. priceline Hi. I am facing a problem when trying to bid on car reservation on Priceline, using PRICELINE link , and also already tried the bidding helper. The matter is: when I get to the checkout page, where there is a pick list to select a saved credit card, the list does not show any of my saved CCs. Already tried all 3 browsers I have here, FF, CHROME and IE and same thing goes wrong. Tried to create an account to my wife and again, same problem. Even when I try to fill the CC info again, as it was a "new credit card", its not working. I contacted priceline on facebook about a week ago and all they say is "we apologize, we are investigating the issue" I am 100% sure problem is not with my info because I am able to use priceline hotel name your own price flawlessly. I would be very thankful if somebody knows a way to solve this. The search is to FLL airport from 04/6 6pm to 04/23 7am Tks!
  11. Exactly I would like to try first save as much money as I can in a 2.5* up to my budget, that is $50 tops. Can you provide a good bidding strategy to start?
  12. Just one thing before proceed, the final dates changed to 04/13 to 04/23... Is it possible to change the topic name to the correct dates? The areas are: Intl. Drive - Convention Center; Intl. Drive - Pointe Orlando; Intl. Drive South - Sea World; Universal Orlando Area - Intl. Drive North; or Downtown Orlando... There is one deal that looks ok on the priceline express deals: 2.5-Star Hotel Intl. Drive - Convention Center - Sea World Area - U$51 and one on Hotwire: 3.5-star Hotel in SeaWorld - International Drive South area - U$52 Both on top of my budget, so did not really fell for them lol Thank o/
  13. I am looking for a hotel 2.5 to 3* in Orlando from 4/6 to 4/16. 4/13 to 4/23. My budget is 50/night tops, but I am looking to pay around 35 - 40 (if possible) What would be a great starting bid guys? Thanks
  14. No lucky with 4* but I think I got an excellent deal: Tradewinds Apartment Hotel Miami Beach 3½ star. U$65 / night. From what I saw in the pictures in looks really nice! I am very happy with this deal and I would like to thanks for the support and bidding strategy provided. I used the PRICELINE link. Tks again.
  15. Yes, I want the best property I can get with U$70, no matter the area. If you can help me with a bidding strategy I would appreciate. Tks for attention.
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