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  1. Booked a one night stay between the La Quinta in Bannockburn which was sold out on this night and our stay in Green Bay. This Hotel features the following amenities: Indoor pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant Business Center High-Speed Internet Free Parking
  2. Booked the 3* hotel with the amenities listed and you were correct that it was the Holiday Inn Green Bay Stadium. Looks like a nice hotel, especially for a Holiday Inn. I used the HOTWIRE links on the page. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your help. Green Bay doesn't seem to have a lot of Hotwire availability. The waterpark option is also available at a few hotels outside of HOTWIRE. Looks like there is a Comfort Inn, Ramada and a lodge type resort that offer the waterpark. Truthfully, my kids would probably be happy with the Ramada which has a slide similar to what you would see at the local playground. None of the hotels have that great of availability though. We might just skip it and go for the highest rate hotel available, which would be the 3*. I'll follow-up with what we do and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links for the purchase.
  4. I posted in the Wisconsin forum. Here are the amenities list for this stay. Thanks for all your help. We'll be looking for a day to stay between these two area, probably finding a hotel with a waterpark ( a tame one) anywhere from Chicago to Milwaukee on 8/3 overnight too. Guessing I have to book that outside of Hotwire/Priceline. Amenities: Suite, Indoor pool(s), Fitness Center, Pool(s), Laundry Facilities (self-service), High-Speed Internet Access, Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Free Internet, In-room accessibility, Wheelchair accessible, Accessible bathroom, Handicapped parking
  5. Now that I have Chicago down, thanks to the help on this board, I'm looking at getting Door County/Green Bay booked. Trip Details: Area: Door County/Sturgeon Bay/Green Bay - not looking at Appleton portion of zone. Staying close to the Door County area would be nice, but we'll likely do all site seeing and come back for the night if we stay in Green Bay. Sturgeon Bay seems to be booked. The only option, the Maritime Inn 2.5* appears to booked it last room yesterday. It also didn't seem that impressive. D Dates Saturday 8/4 - Monday 8/6/12 Star Level: 2.5* and Better Amentites:Preferaably Free Parking, Internet and Breakfast would be nice, but not deal breakers. A pool would be nice for the kids, a waterpark at the hotel would be nices, but we may book a waterpark hotel on the night of 8/3 between Chicago and Door County. Here are the option from Hotwire: 3* Green Bay Area $64, 95% recommneded, $99 other sites Amenities: Indoor Pool(s), Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Resturant(s), Business Center, Laundry (ss), HSIA, Golf Nearby, Acessible for Blind, Deaf, Travel Path, Acc Bathroom, Handicap Parking, Roll-Inn Shower 2.5*Green Bay Area Hotel $71., Gathering Reviews, $99 other sites Free Parking, Breakfast, Internet, Indoor Pool(s), Smoke Free, HSIA, Accessible for Blind, Deaf, Acessible Bathroon, Handicap Parking, Roll In Shower 2* Green Bay Area Hotel $36, 95% Recommended, $77 other sites Amenities: Free Parking, Breakfast, Internet, Airport Shuttle, Smoke Free, HSIA, Accessible Path of Travel, in room accessibility, access bathroom, Roll in shower I'll update the amenities on my winning bid in Chicago, since I'll know you'll ask.
  6. Thanks, look for to your recommendation. I put in a request for non-smoking, but wasn't sure whether the person was helpful? He said he would note it, but it wouldn't be confirm until the morning of the stay when they assign rooms. Hopefully, it works out alright or I'll have to make sure to bid on smoke-free room for the rest of the trip. Wonder it I shoudl call during a different shift and try to confirm again. I looked at Sturgeon Bay, but there are only 2 hotels availalble and bidding through Hotwire doesn't exist. Priceline has an option that looks like the 2.5* is the Best Western Maritime and according to their site they are down to one room type, 2 Queen non-smoking. That would be fine, but I hate them to substitute a smoking room because of tight availability. I almost had that happen at a hotel after confirming with them the room was non-smoking after booking the trip. Green Bay may be a drive, but might have more choice. Any other places that might be closer. Should I take this over to the Wisconsin forum?
  7. La Quinta Inn, Bannockburn, IL We ended up changing our trip day back one day to 8/1-8/4 in Chicago. I used the links and booked 8/1-8/3/12 at the La Quinta Inn in Bannockburn. I'm finding that the overnight stay on 8/3-8/4 must be not available on Hotwire for this hotel, so I booked only two nights for $63 a night. We are heading to the Green Bay/Door County area for 8/4-8/6 and will likely book a hotel in the same area or in-between the two areas for one night on 8/3. Do I have to worry about calling the hotel and requesting a smoke-free room or conforming the reservation?
  8. Thanks for catching that. I didn't see that the great hotel sale email link led me to the 2 adults configuration only.
  9. Just a follow-up on this post. I signed in to HOTWIRE based on someone else's post that there was a one day sale. I just got a one-day sale email after signing in yesterday. Hoping you can help me ID the properties. Dates 7/31 - 8/3/12 Chicago, IL Here is the 2.5* in Evanston-Skokie-NIles for $82 (no logged in is $97) Says still gathering ratings instead of 95%, but the same 6 booking in 24 hours shows up for both listings This time Free Parking is also listed as an ammenity? Amennities: Indoor Pool(s) High Spreed Internet Access Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet In-Room Accessability Also I have a much lower price on the 4* in Northbrook-Glenview-Mt. Prospect for $79 instead of $117 when not logged in, Says 90% recommended , but the same 16 booking shows up when not logged in. Amentiites: Indoor Pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restuarants Golf Nearby Accessbile for the blind Accessible for the deaf Free Parking Accessabile path of travel In-Room Accessbility Accessible Bathroom Handicap Parking Roll-In Shower
  10. Interesting that you are not seeing the 2.5* Amenities: Fitness Center Pool(s) Resturant Laundry Facility (self-service) HSIA Golf Nearby Free breakfast Free Internet
  11. Thanks for the great advice. Ran everything by my wife and we will probably drive and park at the sites. So I'm guessing we will try to group things together to avoid having too many parking fees. Her concern is the traffic on the way in, so she wants me to scout out the Evanston-Skokie-Niles area. I not fimilar with the 90/94 in that part of town if it has carpool lanes. Here are the two hotels, hoping you can help me ID them. #1 3* Evanston-Skookie-Niles area, 70% reccomeneded $80 - $126 other sites Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Laundry Facilities (self-service) Tennis Nearby Accessible for the blind Braille or raised signage Accessible for the deaf Free Parking Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking <amenity names only please... not descriptions> Roll-in shower #2 - Doesn't have parking, so I'd like to ID to figure out parking costs 2.5* Evanston-Skokie-Niles area , 95% recommended $86 - $114 other sites Fitness Center Pool(s) Resturant(s) Laundry Facilites (self Service) High Speed Internet Golf Nearby Free Breakfast Free Internet
  12. Thanks for the great advice! I think I see it now, it is coming up as $62 for me. Sounds like a good deal for the hotel. I'm also curious if you could help me identify the 3* hotel I mentioned. Truthfully, my experience in Chicago has been more in the western suburbs, but I'd like to have two options to run by my family. I've tried pulling the hotel up on Tripadvisor, but not having luck. I was trying to figure out the milage to downtown Chicago. (Edit - looks like Bannockburn, IL?) Dates 7/31 - 8/3/12 Chicago, IL - Ithaca zone 3* - $54 a night (other sites $100) 95% recommendation 3-star Hotel in Itasca This Hotel features the following amenities: Indoor pool(s), Fitness Center, Pool(s), Laundry Facilities (self-service), Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Free Internet, In-room accessibility
  13. I'm not seeing a hotel for $61 when I enter 7/31-8/3 and 2 adults/2children. I added the addition zones too? We are looking to stay at one hotel for the duration of the stay. Maybe I'm confused by what is considered the north burbs. Are you talking $61 as shown, or $61 when all fees are entered in? The amounts I mentioned were in the search listings. Thanks for your advice on places to visit and stay. I'll use the proper links to book our stay. For the amenities, do you want the expanded set or he ones initially displayed, which is what I did? I see two La Quintas listed as 2.5* - one in O'Hare north and one in Oakbrook. Is one of these hotels the LaQuinta ou are referring too? Do you think the hotel I listed in Ithaca is the Hyatt Place? It looks like a newer renovated place, but I know getting around the airport can be horrible. My only worry about the Metra is that I thought it dropped off at Union station and transportation hubs that would require decent walks? My youngest is just about 3 and I worry about the kids being too tired when we get to the destinations.
  14. I'm new to this forum, but not to Priceline bidding. As for hotwire, I've only booked one stay before for my parents. Therefore, I could use some hotel advice for Chicago. Looking to spend three nights the Chicago area, Tuesday 7/31 - Friday Morning 8/3. I have two younger kids (3 & 7) so we are planning on doing the downtown attractions such as the Shedd Aquarium, natural history museum, possibly planetarium, navy pier, Lincoln park zoo, maybe other things? Based on those locations, I would think of bidding on Priceline for a downtown hotel. However, and it a a big however, we will drive to Chicago so we have parking to contend with. When you combine $30-$55 a night parking and the fact my wife is getting tired on staying in fancy hotels that cater to business and aren't kid friendly. Plus, complementary breakfast would be a big help in the morning to get us going without the added costs/time constraints of eating fast food in the car. So, I'm thinking hotwire might be a better option. Am I correct in thinking we can specify 2 adults / 2 kids and be guaranteed a double room? Here are the options I'm thinking about, it would be nice to stay under a $100 a night and not be too far, but the driving trade-off might be fine. I'm thinking once we get downtown, we would stay there and see everything over the course of two to three days. 1) Ithaca Area Hotel, 3* $53 a night - Amenities Indoor pool(s), Fitness Center, Pool(s), Free Parking, Breakfast, Internet, 95% recommendation 2) O'Hare North, 2.5* $62 night - Amenities Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Free Parking, Breakfast, Internet, 85% recommendation 3) Lombard -Oak brook - Downers Grover 3*, $52 a night - Amenities Fitness, Business Center, High-Speed Internet, Free Parking, Breakfast, 85% recommendation 4) Any other good options? Priceline express (or is there the bed issue unless I get an all double hotel), Priceline? I can pay more, but everything with free breakfast and parking seems to be about 10-15 outside of the city and in the $50-65 range. Thanks in advance – sorry for the long post.
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