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  1. Thanks for the speedy assistance. I went looking for a 4* on Priceline, but didn't have much luck. I confined my search to the downtown area, couldn't get anything at $55, and then I went up to $70 and still couldn't score a room. (I was looking for Nov 6th - 10th -- that's November midweek, so I thought a low bid might work.) Then I switched to Hotwire, and I searched for central /West central Vancouver on those same dates: the best offer seemed to be a 5* at $97, which I presumed was the Sutton Place from another thread. Sure enough, that's the one. So I got four nights at the Sutton Place for $97, which comes to $460 or so when you add tax. That's not as cheap as I was hoping, but I'm being hyper-cautious and booking well in advance because this room is for my in-laws and it's always sensible to stay on their good side. Now I'm going to look for a room in Tofino for the last part of their stay -- I hope they don't get too spoiled by the Sutton Place or I'm going to be seriously out of pocket when I get over to Vancouver Island!
  2. Hello, thanks to everyone who helps to maintain this terrific site. I live in Vancouver, Canada, and I'm looking to use Priceline to book a hotel room for my in-laws who are coming from England to visit in November. (My wife, who misses her parents like crazy, is currently in the dark about all this, so here's hoping that we can keep the surprise.) I had two quick questions before I started bidding: (i) Does Priceline still accept the Canadian credit card fudge? (I have a US MBNA Visa card, but it's registered to my Canadian address.) So I'd just need to enter the zip code details as CA 99999, or whatever, but the bid would still be considered? (ii) Is it OK with the hotels to make the bid on my credit card, but then to put my in-laws into the room rather than me? I would be driving them from the airport to the hotel, so I'd be around for check-in, but I wouldn't actually be staying in the room. (Since I live in Vancouver -- though, alas, in an apartment that's too small actually to put up the in-laws.) If anyone can weigh in on either or both of these, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks again.
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