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  1. Thanks for the advice, in the end we got a Friends and Family Rate from a colleague of CA$55/night for The Sleep Inn which seemed to be better choice than the guesswork of bidding.
  2. Done! Same Result...just 2* Moderate and 1* Economy. I'm fine with the lower stars; I'm just looking to make an informed bid. thanks
  3. HI, I'm looking for a hotel in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. I don't want US side hotels. I put in Aug 23-26 2010 Priceline shows 2* Moderate and 1* Economy. All in one zone. Does anyone have any insight as to which hotels Priceline is selling for this area now? The Hotel list for Ontario on BB shows a 3* and a 2* (the Park Inn which is actually in the USA) thanks for any help
  4. While I'm satisfied with my bid, looking at the hotel's website I see a $69 'stay and shop' rate. With taxes that takes the total up to $77.46 - so as always do the research before bidding.
  5. Thanks to Ottis for this, as I followed his priceline bid strategy and used the BB PRICELINE link. I placed a starting bid of $50 for a 3* in zone 1 (East Syracuse), declined. However PRICELINE suggested that if I increased by $14 I could get a room. I declined that offer and Added zone 2 (Cicero) increased bid to $52, accepted. For a total cost as fallows, Room Subtotal: $52.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $14.47 (USD) Total Room Cost: $62.47 (USD)
  6. Just to add a little more information that may help others. I'm at the Front Desk checking in, and one of the staff answers the phone....this was the conversation Staff: 'The rate is CA$129/nt plus taxes' Staff: 'The best I could do is $109' Staff: 'If you are prepaying and staying only 1 Night $109 is the lowest' Staff: "It's $15/person over 2 people' Staff: 'ok..have a good day' So it appears that the walk-up rate is $129, the just because you asked for a discount rate ' is $109. The posted rate on the room door was $259 I paid US$75/nt approx which is about CA$85 All that being said, from our 4th floor room you hear a lot of street noise - people heading home after the clubs close, traffic noise. The hotel itself was fine, wifi included, parking CA$12/nt
  7. Yes, I started at $57 for 4* which was rejected, so I added a Star level of 3* upscale and increased the bid to $59, which was also rejected. I then added 3* and upped the bid to $60 which worked. Based on the BB Hotwire Lists it appeared that I could get the Ottawa Crowne Plaza for $79 using HOTWIRE, so I wasn't prepared to either bid more than that for 4* or bid on less than a 3* for more than $65
  8. Hindsight being 20/20 - was my strategy flawed? Should I have started at $57 for 3*?
  9. Used the BB PRICELINE Link and started at $57 for 4* - rejected Added 3* Upscale and moved up to $59 - rejected Added 3* and moved up to $60 - accepted by Novotel Ottawa 2 Rooms at $60 each plus fees of $24.82 Total cost $144.82
  10. Used the BB HOTWIRE link for 1 night with 3 Adults and got Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites- GRR Amenities were Shuttle, Breakfast, Pool, Golf, Business Centre, Fitness, High Speed Rate: $48.00 Fees: $12.25 Total: $60.25
  11. Hi Smokey, I can't help identifying the hotels, but you should also consider the potential cost of parking. Theruare has given you some clues as to the Hotels. Based on my experience the Four Points is the only one that provides Free Parking and Free wifi. When you add these costs it may be dealbreaker. Hope this helps....
  12. Thanks, our plans have changed and we no longer need the booking.
  13. I'm seeing a 3 star with Shuttle, Fitness, Restaurant, Business Centre, Hi-speed for $52 for 2 persons on sep 12 Anyone have any idea which hotel it could be? The BB Hotwire list doesn't have a match that I can see
  14. Used the BB HOTWIRE Link and got the Holiday Inn Express Lansing-Okemos as you guessed. The price actually dropped a bit frm my first search. Rate: $82.00 Fees: $17.20 Total: $97.20
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