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  1. Thank you! I am going to give this a whirl this weekend. Although tonight I checked the PRICELINE EXPRESS deals and it's currently showing $118 a night :) Hoping it stays that way just in case the bidding doesn't workout. Also, is it safe to assume that the hotel I'll most likely get with the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals is Hotel Stage since it's the only 1 of 4 hotels that have a 9+ rating?
  2. Hello, Our maximum bid amount would be no more than $100. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I am traveling to Hong Kong November 17-23 and will need of 2 rooms. Does the bidding work for two rooms or would I have to do two separate bids? I would like to shoot for a 4 star hotel in the Yau Ma Tei - Jordan area and see that there are 4 hotels available with a median price of $150. From the looks of it, there is only ONE re-bid zone (Hong Kong Island South with 3 star's being the highest). We are willing to spend up to $90 a night per room (including taxes) and ultimately. How should I approach this?
  4. I figured out after it was the Marriott Seattle Bellevue based on Amenities :) Just to confirm, the win is for June 17-June 18. Thank you!
  5. I just won the Seattle Marriott Bellevue ironically since it was the most expensive of the night, originally at least. I got it for $83, $102 after taxes. Was hoping for the Hyatt....probably should have tried the Express Deal huh? But nonetheless this is a good win too :) It's still cheaper than the $150 I was expecting to spend after taxes and parking (it'll be $137 with parking).
  6. About to start my bidding! Out of curiosity, it says PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals 4 star bellevue $90. $111 after taxes and fees: Pets Allowed Business Center Free Internet Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Could this happen to be the Hyatt Regency?
  7. The acceptable zones I am willing to stay in are Bellevue, Downtown Pike Place, and Downtown shopping district. My maximum bid would be more no than $100. That is because I am considering fees, taxes, and parking (assuming I do not get the Hyatt Regency since that hotel offers free parking on the weekend). From the research it looks like these are the rates for June 17th-June18th. Hyatt Regency $165 Westin Bellevue $175 Seattle Marriott $189 And as stated if all else fails then there is the Sheraton that's 3.5 stars for $124. Thank you!
  8. Hello! I wanted to get some advice on bidding for Bellevue Washington. I initially wanted to stay in Seattle, Washington but the rates are way too high and it looks like for a decent hotel your bid has to be around $200. I'm trying to only spend no more than $150 after taxes/parking at most. I noticed that Bellevue is only a 20 minute drive from Seattle and MUCH cheaper. I've used the links on this website to do some research. I would like to try for 4 stars in the Bellevue area for June 17 (one night only). If worst comes to worst, my backup plan would be the Sheraton Bellevue hotel which is a 3.5 star and it's currently $124 with taxes which includes parking. But I would like to try for the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, Westin Bellevue, or Seattle Marriott Bellevue. I believe there are 12 rebid zones at 4 stars. What do you suggest I start my bids at? Thank you!
  9. I just wanted to respond to this thread to let you know that I did not end up winning a bid for a hotel in Denver CO. But it turns out someone I know will be staying in town that weekend as well and offered me to stay at their place. Thank you!
  10. Thank you for the help/reply! I will be working on this bid request this weekend :)
  11. I am planning a road trip this summer and need some help on recommendations on how to bid. First up is Colorado for a two night stay. Will be attending a concert at Pepsi Center. I would like to stay anywhere near the venue around Downtown Denver. My max bid would be $100 per night making the total no more than $250 for the two nights with taxes. Thank you.
  12. Price accepted at what was originally suggested to me for Downtown RIchmond 3.5* for the dates listed. Started my bid at 65 and ended at 83 (Express Deals is for $86) and got Crowne Plaza. I see trip ADD ONS (car rental and add a night) Are these on the spot or can I add them later? I noticed how the price changes if I change the location of the pick up (not at the airport vs. in the city)
  13. I tried up to $75 with no success. Found out I won't be able to stay in the other zones (my fiance is in the military and will be traveling by taxi so the fares to Glen Allen/West End would be too high). You said: would you prefer a 3.5* hotel in the Downtown zone for $86/nite ($206 all-in)... or you could try bidding on PRICELINE for a 3.5* up to $83/nite (if you absolutely don't want to go over your $200 all-in budget). Why is it that the express deal Downtown Richmond 3.5* is cheaper than Downtown Richmond *3 star? I'm seeing 3.5* for Downtown Richmond as being only: Crowne Plaza and Richmond Mariott
  14. For the 3* zone I would like to try Downtown Richmond first with a max bid of no more than $75 a night. If that fails, I don't mind adding Glen Allen to the acceptable zone. Not to make it complicated but I also heard Innsbrooke (which has 3* on express deal for $63) and Short Pump are good areas to stay in (female and traveling alone). Very last acceptable zone would be the Airport area. Hope this helps.