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  1. I have never seen Cantlie come up on Priceline period. I travel to Montreal often, I usually use priceline but will on occasion also make use of hotwire to find accomodations. When I've booked 4* in Montreal using priceline, the Omni, the Hilton or Intercontinental are the properties that come up frequently. Likewise when I've booked 3* in Montreal using priceline, the two most popular hotels seem to be the Sheraton and the Hyatt. While I've never seen the Cantlie participating on priceline, I certainly have seen it on Hotwire, where is frequently appears as a 3.5* and which I am always careful to avoid. The Cantlie is well situated at the corner of Peel and Sherbrooke, but the bedrooms, kitchenettes, bathrooms, hallways, etc. all show signs of considerable wear. If the Cantlie is now taking priceline bids, I will be very interested to see how the property is classified. If it is given the same category rank at the 3* Sheraton and Hyatt, I'd be calling foul very quickly--it's not even close to either of those propereties in terms of comfort, modernity or service.
  2. Offered $53 USD for the a 3* in downtown Montreal, hoping that it would yield the Hyatt. Voila--got it. Most impressed since the Hyatt has undergone a MAJOR renovation. Location is fantastic, direct access to metro lines, and the hotel itself is vastly underrated--exceeding many of Montreal's 4 star properties such as the Omni and Hilton both in terms of modernity and comfort.
  3. It appears to be a crap shoot between the Omni and Sofitel. (The Sofitel gets listed as either a 4.5 or 4, when listed as a 4 it appears to offer the same service list as the Omni) Both hotels are on Sherbrooke near Peel, which on the higher north facing rooms would offer an excellent view of the Olmstead Pavilion and the "mountain". The Sheraton does offer views of the mountain, although not as good as the two properties I indicated. Furthermore, there isn't close access from the Sheraton to the "underground city" relatively speaking (which was mentionned in one of the customer reviews you quoted). The Omni is about half a block to the Peel Street entrance to the underground, and the Sofitel about 3/4 of a block. The Sheraton is about 2-3 blocks away. If I were to bet however, I'd say it's the Omni. They've been in the midst of a protracted labour dispute with their staff, and there might be some incentive on the part of management to offer rooms at bargain rates.
  4. Thereuare & blindman (for the Can-con), great work, a really innovative and highly effective tool for priceline bidding! Looking forward to seeing the Montreal addition, so in advance let me say... Gros merci mes gars! Thanks guys!
  5. Mike, Is this a typo? I've never seen the Sheraton Centre-ville come up this low either on priceline or hotwire. WOW!
  6. Either way, the Hyatt or Intercontinental are excellent properties in Montreal. Both are centrally located and have direct underground access to the Metro (Hyatt being on the Green Line while the Intercontinental is on the Orange.)
  7. Odd... I know Montreal very well and there's nothing special event wise about those dates. At those inflated bids on priceline, and if you start straying into the $115 USD region, you might wish to book with the 4* Loews Hotel Vogue directly, they have a buy three nights at $200 CDN ($169 USD) and get a fourth free for an average nightly rate of $126 USD (plus usual federal and provincial taxes and hotel room levies). At that price you may pay a bit more than you would on priceline, but you get a superior hotel (believe me) and avoid the risk of getting the 4* Montreal Omni which has been in the midst of a protracted labour dispute, and seen a noticeable decline in the level of services provided.
  8. Noticing a trend whereby 4* winning bids for Toronto seemed to be turning up the Sheraton, at a highly desirable rate, I decided to take my chances. Offered $60, refused by priceline, asked to re-bid by adding $17, naturally I refused. Use a free re-bid at $62 and accepted! This is a fantastic rate, anyone familiar with the Sheraton property on Queen Street knows that the location is hard to top (good access via PATH to Eaton Centre) very close to Dundas and/or St. Patrick subway stations, shopping on Queen Street West and the theatre district on King. Top that off with a multi-million dollar reno and the Sheraton is a real steal on priceline these days. Happy bidding!
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