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  1. One bid only. Used the board [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link to start.
  2. Didn't know Days Inn was available on priceline so I didn't check Wyndham before bidding. Could of got it $7.00 cheaper on Wyndham. My mistake.
  3. Bid 52 yesterday and they countered with add 17.00 which I turned down. Bid 55 today with counter of 14 so I took it as I was wanting to get my a room confirmed. Happy with the results.
  4. This was the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Grand Junction-Airport. I used this site and a Express Deal for $39.00. Wash't sure if I should post under win or not. Happy with the outcome. Tx
  5. The last couple of time that I've arrived to check into a motel that I won on priceline the clerk looks at my reservations and say smoking right? I don't want a smoking room and both times the clerk changed it and gave me a non smoking but both clerks said priceline was always doing this. Any insight as to why priceline would do this? Anyone else run into this?
  6. Priceline express deal shows a 3 Star Hotel in Grand Junction North East Area for $39/night for Sunday Nov. 24th and checkout on Monday. Guaranteed amenities are: Free Internet in room Indoor Swimming Pool Free Parking Restaurant Business Center Fitness Center I have a feeling this is the Grand Vista of which I have mixed emotions about but I don't know how to bid and get another one. Any thoughts?
  7. Bid $57 and was countered with $66 and I took it. Have checked in and feel I really got my moneys worth.
  8. Bid late in day so this was my only bid. Really surprise that this came up as a 2.5*. I would have probably bid a little lower had I known.
  9. I was using the name your own price feature. I bid $50 on a 3*, 47 on a 2.5* and then I bid 45 on the 2*.
  10. You were right. The hotel was Ramada Urbana/Champaign and I bid and got it for $45.00 each for two rooms. This is not the star level I started looking for but I believe it a good value for the price. After trying for a couple of weeks and getting a lot of bids turned down I believe a person needs to have a bottom price and star level from the beginning. I didn't do this and I ended up losing a couple of good prices that later disappeared. I always use your site as my starting point and thanks for your help, especially your explanation of difference of star levels between HOTWIRE and PRICELINE.
  11. Here is a 2* for $46.00 that show the following possibilities which would all be ok: Comfort Inn Best Western Ramada Inn Holiday Inn Homestead Studio Suites La Quinta Inn Guaranteed Amenities: Free Breakfast Free Internet in room Indoor Swimming Pool Pets Allowed Business Center Fitness Center Can you determine which hotel it is from this info?
  12. Trying to save a dollar may end up costing me money :( I've been bidding priceline on a regular basis, first a 3* then a 2.5*. I'm up to $47.00 and so far no luck. Hotwire had a 2.5* for $48.00 one day and I thought I could go to it latter but it disappeared. Wish I had of taken it. Got about 4 days left and hope I can get a 2.5* for not over $50.00.
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