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  1. Hello! Looking to book a 4* or better in Seattle downtown Pike Place from october 6-9 The regular priceline listing for hotels in this area on this date include apartment hotel listings like "Pike Place Apartel" and "upscale apartments in stadium district" and "Ocean view Apartment" and "Seattle downtown apartment" If i go through the name your price option, are these apartment hotels included? I don't want to bid if I could win one of them. Thanks!
  2. Help ID this 3* LAX hotel Amenities include: Free Internet Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Self-Service Laundry Accessible for the blind 70% recommended $163 per night (compared to $204) (one night 07/29) Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm trying to win a 4* near LAX. I tried bidding from $75-$103 using rebidding zones, Culver City, Inglewood, Lawndale, USC and Beverly Hills. It didn't work. I checked Express deals before I started at it was going for $95 but had a lower approval rating than the Renaissance and Weston so I didn't really want it. Well, I tried to go in after and get the $95 Express Deal and it was gone, replaced by the same hotel at $100. When I tried to purchase, it was no longer available. Hotwire for same dates is going for $111 but I'm not crazy about the Crown Plaza which seems like the likely winner. Is it a good idea to bid $75 on 3.5* in Beverly Hills and when I loose at that go to 4* and add LAX with a new bid of $115? Dates: November 4-6, 2 rooms. Thanks for your help....and I always use your links.
  4. Hi All, Looking to book in Downtown Dallas tomorrow night for one night. Looking for 4+ star, budget is $150. Is it reasonable? Thanks,
  5. whoa, that was a lot of work! I won the New York Palace for $228/night. Thanks for the excellent help, can't wait for my trip.
  6. Hello, I am willing to accept CPS, Chelsea, downtown, ESB, Soho, Upper east side, MTW, MTE Thank you,
  7. The 7th one is Upper West Side right? I am willing to accept any of the other areas except for Times Square. I'd prefer to not be in midtown west but I'm not closing the door. If there are any zones that are likely to get be a poor result, I'm willing to avoid them. I think I'm pretty flexible. My first prize is around Central Park I think. My budget is what it has to be to get a 4.5 star or better I guess. I want to find a good deal and so I suppose I'd hope to stay under $275. Thank you for the help!
  8. hello All, I love this site! I am planning a surprise getaway for my husband and myself for a weekend. Looking for a 4.5 star + I've been to NYC once and I only recall not wanting to be anywhere near the Times square madness. I think my preference is to be near central park but am flexible. Am I correct that the rebid zones are Brooklyn, Hells Kitchen, Long Island City, Lower East Side, Madison Square Gardens, Harlem? Can you recommend a strategy and price target? Thanks in advance!
  9. I got the Intercontinental The Barclay for $208 per night (using your PRICELINE links and strategy). I checked Expedia and HOtels.com before I started and saw that the Doubletree was available for $191 per night but I wans't sure about the room size and location. Thanks for all the help.
  10. Thanks again. Out of curiosity, why am I starting again at such a low price? I don't understand....
  11. I think I'd like to bid another $10-15 higher before including zones with smaller rooms. I dont really want to split my bid either. Thanks!
  12. Well, I followed the strategy exactly and came up with nothing! What do you recommend I do next? Thanks again for the help!
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