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  1. Called the hotel. They were nice about it, but they said Priceline bids automatically are given the lowest room option -- in this case a room with one single full-size bed. Yikes. But they will see what is available the day of... Usually, I've found that the four-star hotels aren't like this, but you live and learn! Beware of the Quincy Market 4 star option for Priceline!
  2. "Upgrade" fees are lame -- why is a room with two double beds (which cost the same as a king or queen or double at this hotel) an upgrade? This reminds me of some places making you pay for a non-smoking room when non-smoking rooms are readily available. The key is -- if a room (two beds or a king or queen) is available at the time of check-in, why does it cost more? This defeats the purpose of even including certain hotels. I'd rather have the three star hotel that doesn't do this crap compared to the four-star that does. I guess it's a Priceline issue, not yours. But you must be able to tell some hotels that they will be noted for this crap on TripAdvisor? I thought the discrimination against priceline was long gone, but I guess it lives (understanding Hotwire says a double bed is NOT a double occupancy room). It will be interesting to see what the Omni says/does....
  3. Used BetterBidding.com link... Selected Copley 4*, bid $75 - rejected Added Quincy Market, bid $80 - rejected Added Fenway, bid $85 - rejected Added N. Cambridge, bid $90 -- accepted! Sounds like a great property. Only concern is I will call and ask for two double beds, but it sounds like they may pull the "pay us extra" from some TripAdvisor reviews (and the rooms are already a bit on the small size). But can't beat the price for the location!
  4. Hi, Just an update: The Wyndhamm Airport used to be the Sheraton (it's the one with the two six-floor towers) -- but it's undergone an ownership change.
  5. I ended up moving the time away up to Portland Maine. I used the PRICELINE bidding links and got the Wyndham Portland South Airport hotel for $52/night.
  6. Ahhh, I was wondering what was going on in Boston that weekend. I will keep trying, but I have a feeling I"m going to have to get creative. This is just pleasure getaway anyway, so I may look north to Portland, ME or somewhere else (I'm in New Hampshire). Thanks for the info...
  7. OK, let's try the downtown 4* route for $95 max first. (zones: Copley, Downtown and Waterfront) Then the downtown 3* route for $70 max. Then the airport 4* route for $70 max. Thanks a lot for a strategy recommendation.
  8. Would love to stay in downtown for those nights, but things are looking expensive, based on hotwire and recent accepting bids. I like the BOS 4* airport hotels, so I'm thinking I'll go that route. Would like advice on price point and strategy to try for the airport 4* hotels at a max of $70/night. BUT -- Do you think it's worth my time to try and get a 4* downtown hotel for $95 max? Or should I just shoot for the $70 max at Logan? How are the 3* hotels in Boston? Is the price break (once again, $70 max) for a 3* in downtown or copley worth the effort (I do not want cambridge)? Thanks for all thoughts/help.
  9. Success! $110 -- 3* Tudor Hotel at the United Nations Used SavingsBarn. Followed suggested strategy and got luck when the below was reached. Select 3* MTE and MTW and Times Square... Bid $100, if rejected add re-bid zone... Bid $105, if rejected add re-bid zone... Bid $110 -- got it. Received a counter offer of $122 when I bid $100. Rejected the counter offer and followed strategy. As usual, this site was a huge help in an especially tough city to get an affordable room. Thanks.
  10. That sounds interesting, but I think I'll keep it as a back-up...would feel weird not trying to bid. I guess I'd try a 4 star up to $130 first knowing it's a long shot...then try a 3 star up to $110. If none of that works, I'll take it from there...I just don't know if my wife would dig the pod for our night out!
  11. The purpose is merely pleasure...staying with family in Brooklyn for a week, just wanted a one-night getaway in the city. So most of the time will be out and about with friends -- so don't need spa, nice bar, etc. Understand $110 may be pushing it...can go up to something you think is more reasonable (up to $150). But based on what we need it for (someplace to sleep) wondering if a 3-star is worthwhile if it can save some bucks. Thanks.
  12. More interested in a 4 star at a reasonable price than location for one night. As long as it's in Manhattan. But also wondering if a 3 star is worth the cost savings... Max bid for 4* is $110 (figuring a 3* might work just fine...) As usual, thanks in advance.
  13. :) Got it...really quickly based on Boston experiences recently. I guess weather and dates make a huge difference. Did suggested strategy and got the Hyatt Regency in Downtown for $65 ($80 total). Really great hotel. Also, rejected suggestion to accept "counteroffer." Thanks, Betterbidding. Used savingsbarn link.
  14. I've seen some decent places on Hotwire for around $100...hoping for something better. Is it possible? Max bid $80 for those two areas. Thanks for help.
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