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  1. always amazed to see this price of a win for this hotel....very nice.
  2. I can barely believe my eyes...... a hotel like this in that location at that price for those dates....very nice.
  3. still not too bad. I paid 30-something more in the summer pre-tax but I was upgraded to a nicer room (suite) due to a booking issue.
  4. Holy cow i've never stayed there for that low.... nice!
  5. Clarion in Springfield/West Springield is considered a 3* and there's also a Hampton Inn and also a Residence Inn (all said to have free/complimentary breakfast).
  6. Wow that is REALLY good (deal)....I wonder how much more it'd be bidding to get this property on a weekday earlier in the week (monday or tuesday).
  7. Odd they'd be so "stingy" about not taking 75 for a 3.5* but would take 60 for a 3* in the same area....interesting.