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  1. Smoke-free, restaurant, golf nearby, fitness, business center, pool. Thought I was going to get the Holiday Inn, but this looks nice too. Added $8 trip cancellation insurance and paid a total of $94.51 with taxes.
  2. Hi, I looked up all the reviews for 3* hotels in the Cerrillos Rd. area of Santa Fe and all are acceptable except for the HIE. Is there any way to avoid getting that hotel? I'd be fine with the Doubletree the Inn at Santa Fe or the Courtyard, but they are all 3* and in the same price range ($40 - $60) as the Holiday Inn Express. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I just had to come back and say how thrilled I was with the Westin. Beautiful, clean, elegant and worth way more than the $45 per night! Yes, parking was a hassle across the street and it was annoying to have to go to the lobby to check my email, but overall, it was a gorgeous, relaxing place to stay. I'm now a Priceline fan!
  4. Started at $42 for a 3* in downtown, went up to $45 and added West/South. Had to go down to 2.5* and added $1. Winning bid at $46 for the Country Inn & Suites on I-40 includes breakfast and free wi-fi. Better than my 4* win in Dallas with charges for parking and wi-fi.
  5. Thanks for the info. I didn't use Hotwire because the lowest price for a 3.5 star was $65, which was higher than I wanted to pay. I'm sure the Westin will be fine; I found complimentary parking across the street and we rarely eat much for breakfast so I'll pick up some bananas and we'll still be saving money.
  6. Well, I went and did it and sure enough, I got the 4-star Westin that I DIDN'T want! After a $45 + tax bid, I'm paying an extra $13 for parking, $10 for internet, getting no breakfast, no evening reception and very bad reviews. Priceline said they guaranteed at least an 8+ rating, but the last 10 have averaged a 5.4. This is why I'll NEVER use Priceline again -- even after my sister raved about the great hotels she gets there. Nope; I'm now paying about what I would have paid for a nice, respectable, updated Hilton Garden Inn. And staying 3 nights! It does beat the rack rate of $99 per night, but do I have any recourse? I thought if I bid low enough, I'd surely get the 3.5-star...
  7. We're heading to North Dallas (Park Central Area) from 4/12 to 4/15. Would like a 3.5 star for under $65 per night. We hate paying for parking and would like a free breakfast or wine reception (or both!) Thanks for the help. Also, on my initial bid ($36 for a 3.5 star) I stated I wanted cancellation insurance, but on the rebid, I changed my mind. I don't seem to be able to get it off even if I add another zone. Ideas?
  8. I'm bidding on Priceline but I don't want to get the 4-star hotel because the ones in the area all charge extra for parking. It looks like Priceline is automatically adding the 4-star to my bid on a 3.5 star. How can I make sure I don't get the 4-star?
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