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  1. Had plenty of time so I built up slowly from $111. List price is $262 for Seniors. Bid from your site's PRICELINE link. Had tried 4* but had gone up to $161 so switched to only 3.5*
  2. This property seems to be in play now. I am satisfied. Used your PRICELINE link. Had tried booking 5* for a few months now and nothing for under the $120's. Got this on two bids since I knew the ballpark figures.
  3. I am bidding for Aug 25th. I do have a reservation at a 5* for $177 including taxes and fees directly from the Amsterdam Marriott which should make a winning bid around $120, or a little more, likely. This makes me think that the rooms just haven't been given over to Priceline yet. Then, if that's so, how can someone else have nailed one?
  4. I am a seasoned Priceline bidder. I have bid up to $131 a few times since the middle of January for 5* Central region and been rejected. So you can see why I a perplexed at others winning any 5* for this period. I was not aiming for any particular property - I know that can't be done.
  5. I am bidding in City Centre for more money with no results. Is the Palace considered in the Museum quarter or is it because I am only looking for one night [8/25/12]?