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  1. Please help identify this 3.5* PRICELINE EXPRESS Vancouver hotel in the downtown shopping and entertainment district. April 19-21/2018 $109/night Business Center, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, No Smoking Guest Score 8+ Thank you!
  2. Started out at $90 and was counter-offered $119. Declined and continued bidding using free rebids until US$104 was accepted, coming to US$129 with tax and fees. Used the BB link to PRICELINE.
  3. Started at US$40, bid rejected and counter-offered US$62. Declined and continued bidding until US$55 accepted. Came to US$68 with taxes and fees. Used PRICELINE link to BB to make bid.
  4. Amenities: Business Center, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Non Smoking, Free Internet I had tried to get this property for less using Name Your Own Price, bidding $38 and $40, but they would only counter-offer $48, so I went to Priceline Express and made my purchase there. With tax it comes to $54/night. Used BB link to PRICELINE to make my purchase.
  5. I started bidding at $60 and was counter-offered $75. I declined and added the downtown shopping district as another zone, raising my bid to $65 which was accepted. With tax and fees it comes to $80.93. My bid was made through the BB link to PRICELINE, as always.
  6. Tried Name Your Own Price on Priceline, starting at $70 and gradually increasing with free rebids, but PRICELINE EXPRESS came in cheaper so I went with it. Came to $107/night with tax and fees. Used BB link to Priceline to make my bid. I had hoped to get the Marriott Pinnacle as it is listed with the same amenities, but got this instead. Amenities: Pets Allowed, Business Center, Restaurant, Free internet, Indoor or Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center Guest Score 8.0 or higher.
  7. My first offer of US$45/night was accepted, so I could have possibly bid lower! But very happy with this win. Came to US$55/night with tax and fees. Bid through BB link to PRICELINE as always!
  8. Started out at $50 and used free rebids in $5 increments until $60/night accepted. With tax came to $146 for two nights, or $73/night. I used the BB link to Priceline to make my bids. Thank you!
  9. Came to $120 with taxes and fees. Used BetterBidding link to Priceline to make bids. Amenities: Free Internet Free Parking Swimming Pool Pets Allowed Fitness Center Restaurant Casino Business Center Guest Ratings: 8+
  10. Started out at $40/room, and using free rebids $50/room was accepted, a little over $60/room with taxes and fees. Used BetterBidding [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link to make bids.
  11. Started bidding at $50, and using free rebids $59 was finally accepted. With taxes and fees, came to just over $70/night. Used Better Bidding link to Priceline to make my bid.
  12. With the coupon code SUMMER14 I received a 5% discount, so $85.50 + $22.81 tax came to $108.31. I bid on Name Your Own Price up to $84 for the same property, but they wouldn't bite, so I went the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals route. As always, I used the BB link to PRICELINE.
  13. The city zone is actually Mexico City Airport, and the hotel is Marriott Courtyard Mexico City Airport (this site doesn't provide those as choices). Tax came to C$23.68 for a total of C$103.68 This room goes for C$146 + tax on Travelocity, and the hotel gets great reviews online, so I'm very happy with this result. I started out at C$60 and worked my way up in $5 increments until finally C$80 was accepted. I made this bid using the BetterBidding link to Priceline.com
  14. You are correct! Here is the complete list: Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet Pet friendly Near Beach Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center Self service laundry Internet access Golf Nearby Accessible for the blind Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom
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