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  1. I won the Hilton Rosemont/Chicago O Hare for $59/night; Aug 18th one night Started bidding for ORD South 3.5* @ $51. Used 3.5* rebid zones in $4 increments. Very happy with results.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'd like to stay around $75 total for hotel and parking. I've seen 3.5* Hyatt ORD Rosemont for $51 but that was a while ago. Aaron, I'm seeing parking listed as $32 at 4* Hyatt Regency ORD. Is the $18 parking offsite? There's a 3* HOTWIRE for $68. Do you know which hotel this would be? Amenities Free breakfast Free Internet Free parking Fitness center Self-service laundry <dead link removed>
  3. We will be attending a concert at Rosemont Theatre on August 18th. Need a hotel within walking distance (pay hotel parking) or one nearby with free parking (pay event parking). I see Hyatt Rosemont is often won. There's a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for $94 which seems expensive. Is that the Hyatt Rosemont? Thx
  4. We decided to stay in Rapid City and go for a 3* hotel. Always seem to have better luck with that rating. I was afraid of getting the Washington Inn in Mt. Rushmore since it got bad reviews in tripadvisor. Started bidding at 60 and with 4 rebid zones I figured we'd be able to get something in our budget. Next bid of $65 was accepted which was surprising. The Express Deal for 3* was $85. I also needed two more rooms for my brother and starting bidding at $62 with $1 increments. He also got his rooms for $65. So far we are happy with the win. Best Western Ramkota Hotel 3 star Rapid City 2111 North Lacrosse Street, Rapid City, SD 57701 Used your PRICELINE link for both wins. Keep up the good work!
  5. We are flexible on the date but right now looks like Sunday, June 22nd, for one night. Thanks
  6. Hello, I'm planning a trip to Mt Rushmore for the end of this month. We want to stay in Keystone (Black Hills/Mt Rushmore Area) but the hotel list is slim. Express Deal has a 2* hotel available. Do you know which one this could be? I'm hoping to be in the $60-70 range for 2*. Worst case we could do $100 for 3* in Rapid City. Here're the amenities: Guaranteed Amenities: Free Internet in room Indoor Swimming Pool Free Parking Pets Allowed Restaurant I used the PRICELINE link to browse.
  7. I forgot to mention that the pl Express Deal was $69. I can usually save a few bucks by bidding so this is by far the biggest margin. Your referral link definitely helped with the PRICELINE EXPRESS price. Maybe priceline knows that people coming from BB are smart shoppers so they get right down to business. :)
  8. We like staying in Skokie because it's less expensive and free parking. Hoping the Doubletree is still as nice as when we stayed there a couple of years ago. There's only one free re-bid zone in Chicago for 3* but any of the downtown zones can be used too...unless you are really "unlucky" and get a 3* in downtown for less than $60. :) Started bid for Skokie 3* $47 - Rejected add Franklin @ $52 - Rejected add Lincoln Park @ $55 - accepted p.s. I used the QuickQuote link again for this purchase...keep up the good work.
  9. Price is high because of the Mini-Marathon downtown. East-side 2.5* Express deal was $62. Bid $52 but rejected. Added only 2.5* free bid zone Indy Northwest and won at $57. Hotel seems nice...will see.
  10. Success! Had to stay outside of downtown but with Shameless's suggestion we got a good alternate location. Thanks again Shameless, I really appreciate your help. I enabled email notifications of replies so if any one has questions, I'd gladly pay it forward. The PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal was $88/night and didn't show Free Parking but they do allow Pets. So I think the difference in amenities for Hilton and Sheraton in Markham is free parking. I used the 5% off coupon which expires today. The $82/night is before coupon. I don't why they keep making you re-enter the coupon code for each bid. Maybe it's to trip up BBers who have 10+ rebid zones. :) Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Center And Spa 3½ star Markham 8500 Warden Avenue, Markham, ON L6G 1A5 Check-In: Sat, Aug 3, 2013 / After 04:00 PM Check-Out: Sun, Aug 4, 2013 / 12:00 PM Rooms: 2 rooms / 1 night $82/night FYI: I tried for DT North and South today with no luck up to $132 for 3.5*+ thereuare: thanks for the insight into PRICELINE. Express Deal prices seem to fluctuate a lot. My suggestion is to jump on the Express Deal if it's close to your target price. I missed a deal for Saturday night in Niagara that I wish to get back. It flashed once but I hesitated and was too late clicking it. The deal never came again.
  11. shameless, thanks for the information. I was really leaning towards the airport. Guess it was the cheapskate in me seeing the $60+ for 4*. Why won't you recommend the airport? Markham looks to be the equivalent of Skokie in Chicago. There was a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for 3.5* in Markham for $104 including free parking. But when I clicked on the link it said no longer available. Now it's $126 without the free parking. Do these Express Deals move that quickly or is it priceline's way to get you to act??? Not knocking PL since it's the only reason I can enjoy 4* hotels. That mall looks cool. Might be dangerous with wife and kids...any savings from hotel will go towards shopping spree. :) I tried for 4* DT North and South and rejected at $125. Also failed for 3.5* at $125. Even 3* rejected at $105. I'll give DT another try before moving to Markham. Edit: A little more digging suggests that the Express Deal I saw was for the Sheraton Parkway. They allow pets and always have free parking. The Hilton Suites Markham has a nominal parking fee and not sure if they allow pets.
  12. At this point, I'd take the 30 minute drive to save $150 off 4* hotel. There is a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for Airport East @ $66 4*. But the airport has a parking fee so I would pay double parking for airport and downtown. How bad is parking for downtown on a weekend? We have a large group so not sure a bus pass would be good.
  13. Spent more than I wanted for the Niagara hotel. Now trying to stay within budget for a Saturday (8/3) night stay in Toronto. With the Caribbean festival, downtown doesn't look like it's possible. What other zones are good for $75/night and possibly free parking, 3* minimum? Something like a Skokie in Chicago.
  14. Finally got a hotel for Niagara. It was a lot of work since this is our first time there. Kept an eye on Express Deals to see when prices went up/down. I bid in $5 increments til reach my max... Bid Date / Express Deal / Bid 7/13 / ? / $125 - rejected 7/15 / ? / $130 - rejected 7/17 / $147 ; 7.0+ / $135 - rejected 7/18 / $150 ; 7.0+ / $140 - rejected 7/19 / $168 ; 8.0+ / $140 - rejected 7/25 / $192 / $145 - rejected; getting nervous 7/26 / $192 / didn't bother 7/27 / $174 / didn't bother 7/28 / $188 / didn't bother 7/29 / $152 - 7.0+ / $145 - ACCEPTED ; List View for Hilton was $173 Hilton Niagara Falls Fallsview Check-In Friday, August 2, 2013 at 04:00 PM Check-Out Saturday, August 3, 2013 at 11:00 AM I think the price fluctuations were more related to inventory of 7.0+ and 8.0+ hotels. Probably could have saved a few more bucks if waited til Wednesday but I still need to get the Toronto hotel for this trip. Wish me luck :)
  15. I'm trying to find a hotel for this Saturday in Toronto. There's a Caribbean parade that day which wraps up a month long celebration. Not sure how big of an event this is but downtown hotels are pretty expensive. I was thinking of staying at the airport 4*. Can you clarify your recommendation? I haven't been to Toronto in a long time. TIA
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