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  1. Thought this was going to be the Sheraton Westport Plaza based on betterbidding hotel list but it turned out to be the Sheraton Chalet. The 2 hotels are listing on betterbidding with the same amenities except the Plaza is listed as smoke free and the Chalet is not, so when the Hotwire amenities showed smoke free I thought it was the Plaza. Nope, it's the Chalet. Ho-hum. smoke free, shuttle, fitness, pool, restaurant, business center, Internet
  2. This turned out to be the Hampton Inn St. Louis - Westport $48 per night for 8/7/10 Amenities include Shuttle, complimentary breakfast, fitness, pool, Internet Access
  3. Complimentary Breakfast, Fitness Center, Pool, Business Center, Laundry, High-speed Internet
  4. $69 for the Hyatt Regency Union Station, 12/19/06-12/20/06. Amenities included: Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, High-speed Internet Access, Business Center. Go Illini!
  5. $58 ... 12/21/05-12/22/05 Hyatt Regency St. Louis hotel, listed as a four-star hotel. Price was $58 per night plus fees. Selected amenities include: Restaurant(s) Pool(s) Fitness Center, High-speed Internet Access, Business Center Go Illini!