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  1. Am hoping to get two rooms in the millenium park or magnificent mile area for around $80-85/night from 10/17-10/19. Anything above 3* would be fine (will likely have to bit one room at a time I'm assuming to get better price?) Any help with bidding?
  2. hoping to get a the westminster hotel...looks like its a 4* but not sure what zone it's in on priceline (some info says morriston-parsippany..other says east hanover.) it looks like this hotel is in the morristown category on hotwire...and i think i just saw it for $175. hoping to try for a bit cheaper...though the $175 isn't bad, compared to the $269 full price. if it's in east hanover, it looks like it may be the only 4*. looking for dates sept 30 for just 2 nights.
  3. bid $85 for oct 12-17 convention center area 4* and rejected. bid a couple days later $95 and rejected bid today for $100 and rejected. will try in a couple days for $105. will then wait a month or so and start again i guess.
  4. ??? I can see what the other rebid zones are....the ones without a 4* hotel in them. I was simply asking for a strategy I guess I can just do it myself.
  5. this is the only zone I'm able to bid on. Maximun bid would be $105/night
  6. so, i tried an intial bid of $75 for a 4* in convention center for 10/12-10/17. i am going to try upping my bid to $80 in a couple days but wanted some help with the strategy to avoid having to wait again. Can I simply rebid with a 1* if my new bid is rejected (since none exist in that zone?) or should I rebid with a 4* but add another area with no 4* (can't remember them right now).
  7. verifcation that the 4 star with rest, bar, internet, pool, business and golf in downtown area on oct 22-26 is indeed the W. got it for $75 a night. with a major conference in town that week...it's nice to know i didn't have to pay the "discounted conference price" of $149-212 at other hotels. question about hotwire. i booked the room for 2 adults. is there a way to ensure i get two beds in the room? can i simply ask at check in, or should i have put down 4 adults to ensure?
  8. looks like i missed the boat. no longer offered. best offer is a customer favorite 4* downtown, gym, restaurant, pool, business now for $83
  9. any idea...4* october 22-26 $73. restaurant, golf, business, wireless, fitness, pool. have a meeting at the conference center and want to ensure i don't end up at the superdome or too far away.
  10. montreal 4* october 16-19th. listed with business, fitness and restaurant...$98....booked it. hyatt regency....plus, it actually has a pool and more. HUGE savings and right near the conference center for ASRM!!!
  11. same stay, but bidding on priceline didn't give me anything for the 4*. i stopped my bidding at $95. so, i'm looking at 3*, but only if i can tell their location (all the 4* are within walking distance) any idea on what this 3* might be?
  12. restaurant, pool, fitness, spa and business center. doesn't match up completely with anything i can tell. any ideas? listing for $88 a night, but i'd like ot narrow my option of what it is b/c I need to be close to the convention center.
  13. i need to stay in downtown montreal october 16-19 and would like a 4* hotel. it looks like hotwire is giving met he sheaton centre for $111, but i'd like to try to get it cheaper. i am hoping to get it for $80-90 on priceline. what stragedy do i use? are there any other 4 stars in the surround 5 areas that i could unintentionally end up with if i rebid including these areas? anything downtown near the palace de congress is fine with me...but i'm assuming the sheraton will be the most likely to accept based on hotwire results.
  14. I'm trying to determine what hotel this would be on hotwire..listed at $113 for downtown montreal october 16-19. Ammenities are, suite, restaurant, pool, fitness center, kitchenette, business center, laundry facilities...4*
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