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  1. Started bidding low because of the number of free re-bid zones. I raised by $3 until my bid was accepted at $115. I was only bidding on this zone. Total with all the taxes and fees was $140.42. Sheraton's website has the lowest rate (pre-paid) at $225 plus taxes for a total of $262 for this night. I feel got a good price on a hotel for my guests in the area they wanted. I used your site [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link to start my bidding.
  2. I bid $160, was offered a free rebid if I increased my bid to $213 per night. I declined that, started a new bid and added a free re-bid zone and bid $170 and it was accepted. The non-opaque side has the HIlton at $249 per night. Hilton's website's best price was $297 per night. Even though I am a Diamond member with Hilton the savings here are too good to pass up for this very expensive Formula 1 week.
  3. Bid $60 and was counter-offered at $75. Declined that and bid $65 with a free re-bid zone, didn't win. Added another free re-bid zone and bid $67 and got the Hilton Fort Worth. Hotel website's best rate for those nights are $189 per night. I used your PRICELINE link to bid.
  4. Bid $65, was counter-offered at $80. Added a free re-bid zone and bid $69 and got it. The Marriott web site has this room for $179 for that night. I used your PRICELINE link to start my bid.
  5. Started bidding at $100 and was countered with $121. Added a free rebid zone and bid $105, was again countered at $121. Added a free rebid zone and bid $110 and it was accepted. Hotwire had a 5* for $247 and a 4.5 star for $182. The NH Barbizon Palace web site has these nights for $159 per night. I used your PRICELINE link here.
  6. Amenities: Fitness Center, Business Center, Laundry Facilities (self-service), High-Speed Internet Access Hotwire and Hotels.com had this on the non-opaque for $239 a night for the same dates. I was really hoping to book this hotel and when I saw the self-service laundry facilities as an amenity I decided to take a chance. The New York Palace has great reviews and I am very happy with the win. I did go through your link originally but I was having browser issues and Hotwire wouldn't let me book the first try. They said it was from either too many browsers open, or a number of other causes. I was re-directed and I booked it, hopefully you will still get the credit, my apologies if you don't. I probably should have started over through your link.
  7. Tried 4* up to $100 and was declined. Bid $50 on a 3* yesterday and was declined. $55 accepted today for 3* Bellevue Red Lion Hotel. I used your PRICELINE link to begin my bidding. I have several European wins to post, but the dates are passed and no new hotels. I always use your link but I have neglected to post some wins recently.
  8. Tried bidding for a 5*, went up to $135 with no success. Bid for 4* and increased by $5 every day until I got the Crossley Hotel for $115. I am very unhappy with this hotel, it does not look like a 4*, it certainly doesn't compare to the Marriott which I have won in Melbourne several times. Lots of bad reviews on Tripadvisor :) I haven't seen this hotel reported as a win for Melbourne so I had no reason to research it. I have more hotels to book, including another Melbourne stay and I won't use Priceline again for this city. I used the PRICELINE link here to begin my bidding. PS...to make matters worse, if I booked through the hotel website I would have paid only $32 more for the entire 6 night stay. Of course after reading reviews and seeing photos from people who stayed there I would never have booked it.
  9. Bid $50 for Downtown, was declined, added entertainment district and raised to $60 and got the Renaissance Harbourside. Hotel website has this night for $165. We are going to the U2 concert and this hotel will work nicely. I used the PRICELINE link here to begin my bidding.
  10. Bid $44 for both Downtown and Galleria areas, got rejected. Added free rebid zone and bid $46 and was accepted at the Westin Hotel Galleria. Began my bidding through the PRICELINE link here.
  11. If I may offer my 2 cents worth..... I believe the address to the new Cowboys stadium is: Cowboys Stadium 1 Legends Way Arlington, TX 76011 There is a Paul McCartney concert that day. I am going to the U2 concert in October and was debating staying in the Downtown Dallas area because Priceline has great deals there on 4* hotels and it is maybe a 20-25 minute drive from Arlington- but that depends on traffic which can be a big factor in drive time. However if you are taking a taxi you may want to stay closer. I do not know which Arlington zone is closer to the stadium, but I know neither one has 4* hotels if that matters to you as much as it does to me! Enjoy your show and good luck with the hotel, I'd be interested to hear what you end up getting.
  12. Tried $100 and was rejected, added free rebid zone and was accepted at $110. Going to the U2 concerts in Foxboro where room rates are very high. Started my bidding with your PRICELINE link here. Edited to add that the lowest price on the Westin website is $319!
  13. Bid $43 and was rejected, added a rebid zone and won the Westin DFW for $44. This was for 3 rooms. The hotel website has the lowest rate for this night at $129, nice savings. I began my bidding with the PRICELINE link here.
  14. $275 bid was not accepted. Waited 24 hours and bid $300 and was accepted at the Holiday Inn Brisbane. Shockingly high hotel room rates for this one night due to a major sporting event on the one day we needed a room there. Not many hotel rooms left in the city for this night. Ouch. Hope this is one amazing Holiday Inn because I've never considered them to be 4* hotels. Used the PRICELINE link here to begin my bidding.
  15. Bid $40 and was offered a counter at $52. Declined that, added a free zone and bid $43. Won the Le Meridien Dallas North. First time at this hotel. Hotel website had the lowest rates at $78 for these dates. Began my bidding with your PRICELINE Link here.
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