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  1. Believe Hilton Washington is now 4 stars, up from 3.5 stars -- so Priceline Hotel List needs to be updated.
  2. Hotwire offering 4* Foggy Bottom at $89 for 3/15-3/18 (3 days), and deduced it was the Westin Georgetown. Bid $80 on Priceline for 4* Foggy Bottom and got it (first bid -- oops!). Then offered two more days (3/13-3/18) and got them too. Sometimes pays to wait until the last minute? Good prices for 3/15-3-18 were very hard to find earlier.
  3. For Washington DC, Better Bidding's Priceline Hotel list includes 3 areas that do not appear on Priceline's website Name Your Own Price list (at least not with the same name): Silver Spring Springfield Suburbs NE Can you please match up these 3 Better Bidding areas with the Priceline website's list? Thanks. Bob G.