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  1. Done, I'll be there on March 21st for one night, my budget is $150 which should be more than enough. Thanks!
  2. Ended up getting the Renaissance Hotel for $85, beautiful hotel and Millennium Hotel Paris CDG for $90 but didn't end up staying there.
  3. I'm looking for a nice hotel near IAH in Houston, can anyone give me some bidding pointers/starting bids help please? Thanks!
  4. Yes, I checked the hotels and now I'm 100% percent sure I want Canals or City Center. I want to check out on the 28th (3 night stay). I've seen past successful 5* bids for $100ish so I know it can be done. Today I'm thinking about starting at $85 for City Center, adding $5+Canals, $5 + North and $5 + Airport if unsuccessful to make sure I get a 5* in Center or Canals. Thanks :)
  5. I prefer City Center or Central Canals, hadn't really seen where the Museum Quarter hotels are. Thanks! :)
  6. These failed too Amsterdam City Center + Museum Quarter + North 5* $80. Amsterdam City Center + Museum Quarter + North + Central Canals 5* $85.
  7. Hello all :) I could use some help with my bids for a summer trip. I'm looking for a 5* hotel in Amsterdam City Center/Museum Quarter from June 25th-28th and a 4* hotel in Paris CDG for July 5-6th. My maximum bid for Amsterdam is $130 and for Paris CDG is $120. All my bids so far have failed: Amsterdam City Center 5* $75. Amsterdam City Center + Museum Quarter 5* $75. Paris CDG 4* $75 failed too. Thanks :)