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  1. Summerfield Suites Hotel Seattle Downtown 1011 Pike Street Seattle, Washington 98101 (206) 682-8282 Check-in: Oct 6, 2005 Check-out: Oct 7, 2005 3* Fitness, High Speed Internet
  2. Amenities - Boutique, Shuttle, Restaurant, Hi-speed Internet. Listed at $75 for March 17. It doesn't seem to match any prior posts or hotels on the tagged list. Anyone know? Thanks!
  3. :) Just got a pleasant surprise by having my first bid accepted by the Hyatt Regency! Here're the details: 4* North Michigan Avenue 2 Nights - January 30-February 1, 2004 Bid $50 per night Accepted by Hyatt Regency Chicago, 151 East Wacker Drive Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $100 Taxes and Fees: $21.67 Total Charges: $121.67
  4. Great deal I helped a friend get. I was happy to get this hotel for $40 per night 4 years ago when it first opened. This is a nice place, right in the center of downtown, 1 block from Pioneer Square on Broadway.
  5. Oops - epicureangirl's post was actually on the Hotwire side of the forum, and not in the "following post." But Seattle is still too #$^%@ expensive! :)
  6. :) I can't say I'm too happy about this - although I've never stayed there, I'm sure this Holiday Inn doesn't rate 3 stars, and it's on the Seattle Center side of "downtown" (mercifully, Hotwire does the proper thing and splits Seattle Center from the Downtown zone). Although, like epicureangirl points out in the following post, Seattle has been outrageously expensive lately. I've been to New Orleans, Chicago, Washington DC and NYC, and shopped for San Francisco, in the last few months, and in no other place have I had such a lousy time finding a hotel deal as in Seattle! Oh well...if I hadn't been too greedy to pay ~ $100 for the Crowne Plaza through Hotwire a few days ago...
  7. I saw the article in the travel section of my local Sunday paper in Portland, OR. On describing the article to my friend in DC, she said she saw it too...so I would guess its the same one. A very timely article for me. Thanks again! Pancho
  8. On 10Aug03 I got the same deal as another post on this board, also expecting it to be the Hyatt: For anyone who is interested, I stayed in this vicinity once - the Hyatt is very nice, the Hilton is also quite nice. The Doubletrees (there are two across the street from each other) are not so nice. When I wanted to book - this coming weekend - there is apparently something going on in Seattle because all of the downtown hotels are sold out Saturday night. At this price, though, the Hilton is a reasonable alternative. Thanks for this very helpful forum! Pancho
  9. Hello - saw an article in the Sunday paper about this site, and in one afternoon it saved me lots of frustration (and money, too, I hope!). I was also able to get a deal in Seattle (Bellevue) for this coming weekend, which I'll post on the Hotwire forum. I had been trying for about a week on Priceline, Hotwire and Hotels.com to find something in New York, but wasn't happy with what I was getting. Below is generally what happened: In various combinations I had bid on 4* and 5*, Midtown East, Midtown West, and Upper Midtown for 3Sep03 to 7Sep03. Started at $95, then went to $100, and rejected every time. After looking around a little here, I decided that if I went to $115 I was probably likely to get something like the Waldorf. But I'm not very savvy at this game yet...if I were, I might have noticed the other posts on this board regarding the Hilton and Towers, and mayber something just over $100 might have done the job. But, I'm still pretty happy with what seems to be a good price for a good location in Manhattan. Thanks! So, in sum, here's what I got: On 11Aug03: Bid $115 for 4* 3Sep03 to 7Sep03 Midtown East, West, and Upper Accepted - New York Hilton and Towers 1335 Avenue of the Americas New York 10019 212-585-7000 Thanks again, Pancho
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