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  1. I'd love to have a 5* hotel - but I suppose I really need a guarantee that I can have two beds. Based off of what I've read, all of the 4* hotels offer two bed rooms as the same price as a one bed room, but that is not the case with the 5* rooms. I think I need to review all of the 4* hotels in each bidding area on the strip - then make sure by going to each of their websites that each place has a 2 bed room for the same price as a 1 bed room. If they're acceptable - than I can try bidding for a 4* room in each area of the strip. If I end up getting a 5* for whatever reason, I can try calling the hotel and getting a cot. Is there a situation where a 5* hotel may not allow this? Edit: now that I've reviewed the hotel are map - I think my best bet is to go for a 4* in the "strip north" area and follow the rebidding guidelines. That way I'd end up at the Mirage or TI most likely.
  2. Aaron - thank you for your reply. There are 2 people in my party, including myself. The dates of travel would be April 11th-15th. Would I be better off going for 1 room that could sleep three people? Thanks for the tip - I'll have to review the 4* hotel list in both the center and north sections of the strip. Thanks for your help - I could end up just getting the Monte Carlo for $400 for the entire trip (before taxes and resort fees) - that way I'm guaranteed 2 beds. I'm wondering if I'm better off going that route. Thanks for your help everyone. -Brendan
  3. Hey everyone, I'm hoping to use PRICELINE to get a 5* room in Las Vegas in April. However, I'm going to need two beds in the room. Does anyone have an idea of the success rate of using PRICELINE to book a 5* hotel in Vegas - and then calling the hotel to either confirm 2 beds or have them modify the reservation to get 2 beds? If this isn't possible, can this be done using HOTWIRE? Thanks in advance, kaneda
  4. Persistence pays off! Just got the Palazzo for $75! Thank you both for your help!
  5. Aaron - thanks for your reply. The Trump is a little too far north for me, but thank you for the suggestion. Priceline was showing Vdara and Aria for $129 and $139 a night, respectively. What would be a good starting bid to go after a 5* in the Las Vegas - Strip South area? I was thinking $65 with $3 increments. Thanks again.
  6. Hey all, Was looking for some assistance on getting a 5* on the Las Vegas - Strip North through Priceline. I'm fine with any of the 5* properties in that section of The Strip. I've used the rebidding system as described on the FAQ's at this site. So far, I haven't had any luck and I've gone as high as $130. Ideally, I'd like to keep this no higher than $110 (not including taxes and fees). I feel like I should be able to get this pretty cheap as this is a Wednesday night. Should I just wait a few weeks and then try again? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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