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  1. Hello, I got Ambassador for Milwaukee downtown 4 star hotel. I was not expect Ambassador Hotel is included as 4 star hotel since it was marked as 3.5 for priceline hotel list. Milwaukee downtown hotel list needs to be revised. Bidding start from 70,75 and accepted at 80. Thanks Oskar.
  2. Hello, I started bid at 80 and it was accepted at first try. I should start from lower ball. 80+19.8 tax total 99.8 Thanks.
  3. Started bidding PRICELINE from 90 to 105 for several day to get hotel this area but not successful. Finally decided to buy Hotwire deal since I can designate 2 adult and 2 kids for one room through Hot.wire. Good luck for your searching.
  4. Started from $100 and was successful at $120 with 4 star. Omni Los Angeles Hotel At California Plaza
  5. Started from $68 from 4 star Anaheim hotel near Disneyland. Added all area with under 3 1/2 star region but unsuccessful. Stayed day for waiting start again from $90. Received $114 counter offer when I offer $90. Reject counter offer and continue to add additional area. Got deal at $100 for Hyatt Regency Orange County. Quite tough to get.