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  1. Got the Marriott for $105 dollars but thought i should mention that it is actually located in Pontiac and not Troy MI. It is 5 miles away from Troy but i found it misleading that priceline would give me a hotel in a different town than what i was bidding in, The reason that i got the hotel is that Priceline looks at the region on the map and not the towns that you are bidding on. The hotel is pretty nice and it is a 42% discount to the list price. I also won this hotel for the day before.
  2. I bid starting at 60 and they offered me for $85. I rejected knowing i could get it for $75 if they offer for $85 I knew that i was 90% sure i would get the hotel in Needham so i kept rebidding until i ran out of areas to add. Then the next day i started at $75 and got it first try. The hotel didnt have power for two nights .... also its up a round hill road that is dangerous in snow. Other wise nice stay.
  3. Won bid on first try. I knew from previous experience that Hyatt Regency wins so i started bidding in Boston Common area before copley. It is a nice hotel right next to china town but also park street.
  4. Got this hotel first try... was priced at $199 got for 100. Would have rather stay at double tree because thats where customers are staying but this is only 2 miles away.
  5. Bid on the Airport area and got this one for $70. Employee was happy with the hotel and location. This was savings from 105 dollars.
  6. Won 4 rooms in a row at Crowne Plaza hotel for $70 for a business trip. Everyone was happy with the results.
  7. Started bidding at 40 dollars and rebid increasing my bid 5 dollars until 55 which was accepted. This is a great hotel with nice food court in the attached galleria. Good luck
  8. I started bidding at 40 dollars and went up in tens. My first bid was for downtown, then I added convention because I was indifferent to getting one there or downtown, then longuielle and laval, won at 80 and am actually preferring the hotel to the Sheraton.
  9. Got the Sheraton towers for 110 dollars. Excellent location but terrible service. I was moved from 3 different rooms for various reasons.
  10. Got the Sheraton in Tribeca for 120 dollars. I was upgraded to the club lounge which really made this a great deal. Free breakfast and access to the large terrace with a spectacular view of NYC.
  11. First bid, I won the Westin in Pasadena for 70 dollars. Good Luck to All! :)
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