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  1. Thanks for the reply, Aaron. I decided to book directly with Marriott as they have a new property (I believe just opened 2-3 months ago) in Chelsea (Fairfield Inn & Suites) and I was able to get a cancellable reservation for $120/night for the dates I am seeking. There is a link here for booking on Marriott, isn't there? I can always rebook. I did have another question which came up when searching for these dates. When I put in two adults I got a lower rate than when I put in 1 child 1 adult making it seem as if there is a surcharge for bringing a child (although it's still just two people - one of them happens to not be an adult). I tried to find a post for this but came up unsuccessful. Has anyone noticed that in the past? I didn't see it just now when I searched, however.
  2. I am looking on Hotwire for the dates above. There is a 3.5* hotel listed with the following amenities: fitness, restaurant, hi-speed internet, business center. Traveling would be 1 adult, 1 child. If I change it to 2 adults, 1 child, does that guarantee me two beds? Price is showing $5 more/night if I change the number of people. Not that it is the same hotel if I list just 1 adult 1 child. If I did book 2 adults, 1 kid, and only 2 of us show up is that a problem? At what number of people do you get a reservation for 2 beds?
  3. I've been looking at this property on HOTWIRE as well. The % recommendation given for customer reviewers does that tie to TripAdvisor? Hotwire lists this property at 90% for customer reviews but TripAdvisor lists Sheraton Suites at 52%
  4. I bid $69 on priceline for a 2.5* in Cape Canaveral. Rejected. There is one free rebid zone but I didn't go for it. I think the 2.5* is the country inn & suites and the AAA rate is $116. The Radisson in the same area has a AAA rate of $107. With the priceline fees it is a savings of about $25 which doesn't prompt me to go for an opaque reservation. For now I'm going to book the AAA rate at both hotels and won't decide until two days before which is 10/15.
  5. Amenities in HOTWIRE: complimentary breakfast fitness pool business center laundry high-speed internet I want to say it's the Country Inn & Suites but the location is throwing me off. The hotel in HOTWIRE (showing $69 for the date I'm looking, 10/17-10/18/08) is listed as Cocoa and not Cocoa Beach-Port Canaveral. If you look on the map the Country Inn & Suites is definitely on the Port side. When I did a search under packages I still couldn't tell.
  6. I finally booked a room but used HOTWIRE and not PRICELINE. I decided on the airport so I could avoid the cost of the second day for the rental car and use the hotel shuttle. Not sure how to post this since I want to keep it in the same thread but do not know how to change headlines (sorry). Booked via HOTWIRE link. I figured it was the Hyatt based on this site plus trip advisor rating and figured it was worth a few extra $$ to be right in the airport. The price has been fluctuating every day so I booked now in case it went up again. Price on hotel website for this night is $189. 4* Hyatt MCO, 10/25-10/26/08 (1 night), $79 Hotel rate per night: $79.00 Tax recovery charges and fees: $15.89 TotalPrice: $94.89 Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport 9300 Airport Boulevard Orlando, Florida 32827 Amenities listed: shuttle, fitness, pool, restaurant, business center, high-speed internet Trip Advisor rating = 4.5
  7. I did change my flight to Sunday for late morning so my drive time to the airport that day has more flexibility. I now need to decide where we will spend the day Saturday (will be coming off a Disney cruise Saturday morning) and that will determine in what region I will need a hotel. No question for now. I will make a decision in the next week or so and I will post my win then. Thanks for your help.
  8. First bid of $65 accepted (yes, used PRICELINE link). Two nights for a total of $157.15. Hotwire has this same hotel (or what I believe to be this same hotel for $89 per night so I saved $50 using Priceline vs. Hotwire for this trip. My "backup" was Embassy Suites which I had reserved the conventional way and the AAA rate per night was $143. Holiday Inn is probably not my first choice of hotels (was hoping for Marriott which I've noticed folks have been getting for August) but it is in a very good location. I knew I'd be okay with any of the 3* properties in downtown Philly since I'll have my car and I'll be driving everywhere. I'm very happy with the price as the AAA rate for this hotel for this weekend is $159/night.
  9. Sorry, I meant to say the Ramada, not the Radisson. 3* Ramada Celebration Hotel (previously in LBV-Dowtnown Disney zone before zone boundary changes) Amenities: Restaurant, Pool, Smoke Free, Hi-Speed Internet, Business
  10. Wow, I had no idea hotels near WDW were so inexpensive on HOTWIRE. What looks like the 3* Radisson (Disney Gate - Celebration) is going for $32. If I change my flight to Sunday then I will be taking the first flight which is around 7:30 am. That is the reason I was looking for an airport hotel. It may be worth it to stay near WDW and just leave a bit earlier to catch a flight. I understand it's 30 minute drive from there to the airport?
  11. Current plan is to fly back late on 10/25 (Sat) but was thinking of changing flight to 10/26 (Sun) if I could find a cheap enough hotel near the airport since the rental car is paid up until Sun and we would love the extra hours in Orlando Sat. night. If I don't find an inexpensive hotel I will just keep my flight res. for Sat. so no back up needed. Here are my bids so far: bid $45, rejected added Kissimmee, bid $48, rejected added Orlando east, bid $51, rejected added Sand Lake, bid $54, rejected At that point I gave up since it wound up being $75 with the fees and it didn't seem worth it for the few extra hours in Orlando Sat. night. I will try again in the next week. Lots of free rebid zones in Orlando if you are going for a 3*. Will keep you posted and yes, I used the betterbidding link for PRICELINE.
  12. Thank you. I changed my mind about traveling to Montreal and decided to take a Disney cruise in October instead.
  13. Price: $109/night with retail given of $183.74. Amenities are: smoke free rooms pool business center spa services fitness center restaurant high-speed internet access In addition, Hotwire gives a tripadvisor traveler rating of 4.0 out of 5. This rules out Hilton Bonaventure, Hyatt, Le Centre Sheraton, Loews Hotel Vogue, and Sofitel. I did a search for weeks (Saturday to Saturday) in July and August and the Hotwire rate stays pretty much the same (two weeks come up as $119/night). From the hotel list given on this site the only 4* hotels left are Delta Center-ville ($199/night on website), Inter-Continental ($280/night on website), and Omni Mont-Royal ($250/night on website) but amenities are different. Any ideas?
  14. I'm in Portland now and cancelled a place at the beach to stay in the city another night. Need a room for tomorrow night and wasn't hopeful as prices are high. Lowest price on the Hilton's website is $179 so it's over $100 off that price which I'm very happy about. I've already stayed at the Embassy Suites and the Marriott downtown during this trip so was hoping for something different. 1 room(s) @ $75.00 per night x 1 night(s) Taxes, recovery charges, and fees $16.25 Total $91.25 Amenities: fitness center, business center, hi-speed internet, restaurant
  15. First bid of $36 accepted. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $36.00 Subtotal: $36.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $11.78 Total Charges*: $47.78 Lowest price on their website is $89 for that night (which is their advance purchase price).
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