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  1. ok I will see what works best. Thanks!
  2. Sorry this is all confusing for me! My first preference would be to stay beachfront. I guess theres no way to be certain based on the zones that I can stay beachfront. So is it safer to do a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal ?
  3. I was assuming that since the zones I selected are in the beach area, it would be at least walkable distance to the beach..
  4. zones: -Clearwater Beach -Indian -St.Pete Beach -Treasure Island Goal is to get any 3* or higher for as cheap as possible for a hotel that is on the beach.
  5. I guess maximum bid is $75. My goal is to get the least expensive 3* or higher.
  6. Hello I am looking to bid on a hotel near the beach by the Clearwater area. Below is the needed info -Area: Clearwater Beach -Dates: 9/5 to 9/6 -Zones: 2,5, 13, 10 -Star rating: 3* or higher -Room rate: $50-$100 max
  7. Ok. I first tried to bid $10 but it wasn't accepted. I changed it to $12, but the price ended up being higher than the price I was quoted for Fox. I am not sure how these things work, so I posted here for help. Thanks for your help!
  8. Thank you everyone for your help. Sorry for not replying with what I decided to do. My family just picked us up from the airport and drove us around. We did not end up booking a car.
  9. MCO area Airport Hotel Check in 9/6 Check out 9/7 Orlando International Airport (MCO) Star: 3* or higher
  10. $10? best deal I found so far was $113 via PRICELINE for a economy car. I would like to spend as little as possible.
  11. Is there a way to edit previous post to remove the 9/5 stay? I would like to try to bid on these hotels. This trip is costing alot of money so looking to save wherever I can. I will return the car anyways on 9/5 since I will be staying at a hotel near the airport.
  12. Hi. My family and I are coming down to Orlando for a family reunion. We are staying two extra days after and need to book a hotel. Below is the info Clearwater Beach/St. Pete Beach -3* or higher -9/5 -free parking MCO Airport hotel with shuttle to airport -3* or higher -9/6
  13. MCO from 5 pm 8/31 to 5pm 9/6 We will have 4 people in the car. Coming for a family reunion so the car will mostly be used before and after the reunion. Don't care about the size.
  14. I am not even sure. I have never bid for a car before on Priceline. Where can I read more info on the process? I can't seem to find the info for renting cars. When I searched diff websites, the lowest price I was finding was $30 for a compact car. So I guess the max I would want to pay is 20? I don't know if that is too low or what.
  15. I will be staying with family in Staten Island.
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