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  1. I'm sure you will enjoy this property much more than the Espresso. If you're driving I recommend you self park your car underneath the hotel rather than valet park it. Saves about $6/night but you also have in & out access with self parking. They do charge about $15/day for in room wifi as well or you can get free access in the lobby.
  2. "POS" is slang for piece of sh*t. There's no way in hell this hotel should be rated a 3.5* property, I've stayed here in the past and would recommend it only if it was rated a 2*. I'm looking forward to what you think of it, maybe it's improved in the 2 years since I was last there. Bonne chance!
  3. Are you sure this was a 3.5* and not a 2.5*? If it's a 3.5* that is absurd!! Hotel is a POS!!
  4. Which Holiday Inn is this, there are 4 of them in Downtown Montreal?
  5. If this is the weekend that the F1 Grand Prix race is in Montreal chances of getting any hotel room in the city for under $200-$250/night is extremely low! Checking HW for the dates 6/9- 6/12 and the lowest available room in the downtown Montreal area is $224 and it's a 2.5* hotel! Good luck!
  6. Was just browsing their website. I see they charge $17CAD/day for Internet access. Quite an absurd cost when so many offer it for free! No mention of parking fee on the website so I will call and find that out and report back. :) FB
  7. If you haven't stayed there don't judge it just yet! I've stayed the HDLM many times using HOTWIRE and have ALWAYS had a stellar stay. The rooms are all nice, all with balconies, 90% of the time I've gotten a king sized bed when requested and the staff were fantastic. Valet parking is only $20/night which is very reasonable, internet is free and the location of the hotel is the best for what I enjoy about Montreal. Like they say, don't knock it till you've tried it. FB
  8. You put yourself in quite the conundrum. You never should have added Longueil as an option. It's no where near Downtown Montreal and the amount you're going to spend on taxi's getting downtown will be huge!! At a minimum I would say $30-$40 each way and traffic is atrocious. If I were you I'd chalk it up as a loss and bid again ONLY for downtown Montreal.
  9. The reason prices are so astronomical is because that weekend is the F1 Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal and you likely will have no success using PRICELINE or HOTWIRE. FB
  10. HOTWIRE changed up the amenities a bit on this property. It usually shows breakfast, business, laundry, internet but today it was listed with fitness, business, laundry and internet. I took the chance hoping it was the HIE and was successful. It could be either of these two combinations since I saw the first one as recently as 2 days ago. FB PS...This is downtown Montreal checking in the 8th and out the 10th.
  11. First bid at 2.5* was accepted by Best Western Europa for 1 night at $55. I tried to edit the title but for some reason I can't. It should read 2.5* Montreal Best Western Europa.
  12. Are you sure it was a 4*? If so, it has recently been upgraded from 3.5* then. If you could clarify I'd appreciate it. FB
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