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  1. Hi, I got the following today: 4* Magnificent Mile Area - Streeterville 8/11 - 8/12 $ 203 Fitness Center, Business Center, High Speed Internet, Restaurant, Laudry Facilities, Spa Based on previous postings here I think it's the James.... Thanks in advance Cristina
  2. Please help to figure this one out: St Louis downtown. 8/11/07 - 8/12/07. $224 Fitness Center, Pool(s). Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-speed Internet Access Thanks in advance !
  3. I just got an offer from hotwire for a 4.5* in Toronto for $101 with the following amenites: Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Spa Services, High-Speed Internet Access, Business Center From 07/22 thru 07/24. Any guess on which hotel this is ?? Thanks again for your help !
  4. WOW... You're good... It was the Sheraton !!!... We're happy with the results even toughit was only a $10 difference between the Hotwire rate and the rate you can find everywhere for this hotel.... so not much difference. THANKS YOU VERY MUCH for your help... It's the first time we buy thru Hotwire so I was skeptical about it... Thanks again !! Cristina
  5. Thanks for your prompt response... unfortunatelly I couldn't get back to Hotwire before, so today I checked again and the results are different... They are offering me a 4* with the following amenities: Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Spa Services, High-Speed Internet Access, Children's Activity Program, Golf Nearby, Business Center. I read some of the previous postings and it doesn't match with the Double Tree because it doesn't say Resort... I like the Hidght Speed Internet access... Any idea what hotel is this ??? THANKS again !
  6. I guess I forgot to say it was on Nigara Falls... sorry about that :-)
  7. I just checked Hotwired for a 4* hotel for 07/20 - 07/21 and it gave me the following description at $111.00 (USD). Any one knows which hotel might this be ??? Thanks ! cgomes Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Business
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