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  1. Went lower in price compared to my last post - looks like the area was sold out that last time, but got my $50 bid accepted today. I somewhat judged this based on their "express deal" where the hotel name was not listed, but the star rating and area is all you have to go on. It was a little higher than this, so I submitted my bid at $50. Maybe there was more room lower, but was already thrilled to get this $15 cheaper than my last visit. Room subtotal:$50.00 Taxes & fees:$12.37 Total charged today:$62.37 Amenities: Free Breakfast Free Internet
  2. 3* Courtyard Pittsburgh North/Cranberry Woods Room subtotal: $70.00 Taxes & fees: $15.97 Total: $85.97 Amenities (post-bid) Free Internet (in Room) Free Parking Indoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center See all (link) Initially tried 3.5 star for $60 with no luck. There's a chance $65 and 3 star would have worked, but didn't risk it due to lack of data. Wanted to be in the Cranberry area otherwise would have used data points closer to downtown.
  3. I'm looking for a hotel in lower manhattan. I'll be there on the night of the 28th and leave on the morning of the 30th. I don't see too many data points from recent booking for this time period and so I went back to early 2013 and found some. Is it best to book a hotel with these data points in mind, or should I be adjusting down/up from there because of an improving economy/etc.? Is using data from last year the best route here, or what do you recommend?
  4. $61 for The Henry in Dearborn, Michigan 12/2/2011-12/3/2011 (Friday night stay). My bidding strategy: I bid $56 initially for a 4* hotel in Dearborn, but was denied. I then added the "Southgate-Lincoln Park" zone because there were no 4* hotels in that zone and increased my bid to $61, which was accepted. Total after taxes & fees was $76.86 with free parking. For what it's worth, I used past bid data and figured that $55 would be accepted, but didn't want to mess around with too much strategery. When it wasn't accepted, I expanded the area and $60 was what I figured would work. I bid $1
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