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  1. This hotel also shows up in the "you just missed it" page for Perrysburg - 3* - $58 with these amenities: Pets Allowed Free Parking Business Center Free Internet Free Breakfast Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center Non Smoking Areas and it's available. Any ideas? Thanks again!
  2. Thanks so much for your assistance! If you click on the 3* Perrysburg hotel through the Priceline Express link you provided, you do get the "you just missed it" notice but it offers the same "hotel deal" - now at $88 (up from $55). Are you able to guess what that hotel is? The amenities seem to be the same.
  3. Hi there - hoping you can help me with two Priceline Express deals and trying to determine which hotel they may be. 1. Maumee - Toledo South - 3* - was $110/now $71 - hotel amenities: Free Internet, Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Fitness Center, Non Smoking, Pets Allowed, Swimming Pool. Did this deal a short while ago and got the Holiday Inn, but the free breakfast seems to indicate it's not that one. 2. Perrysburg - Northwood - 3* - was $125/now $55 - hotel amenities: Free Internet, Free Parking, Business Center, Fitness Center, Non Smoking, Restaurant, Swimming Pool Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Started at $49 and raised incrementally to winning bid. Was hoping for Towneplace Suites where we had won a previous bid a few months back (nice hotel with a few more amenities) and was the only 2.5 star listed in the category. Please add this hotel to the list. We saved about $22 per night off the best rate being offered by the hotel (I'm sure the savings might be offset some by the Priceline fees - $36.57). Had this hotel been on the list, we would have looked at other options. Such is the bidding game... Here's hoping to a pleasant surprise!
  5. Started at $41, added a zone and increased to $43 and won. Total was $54.74 w/taxes and fees. Hotel website best rate was $89. Pleasantly suprised - upgraded to suite and room and hotel were clean.
  6. Started at $49 and increased $2 by adding the other 3 (non-3 star) zones one at time. Won at $55 wiht last zone addition. Total for 2 nights was $131.36 ($21.36 in taxes). Best rate on Hyatt's site was $99 per. Happy with the deal. Hotel was clean, not very full :) and hot breakfast buffet more than adequate.
  7. Started at $48 and won the Hyatt. Tax: 14.30. Total: 62.30. Should have started lower perhaps? Rate for same room on Hyatt's and other hotel sites is $139.
  8. Accepted on first bid for $59 for one night/two rooms. With tax, total came to $142.32. Rate was $109 + tax per room on Marriott and other hotel websites. Hotel was clean - free hot breakfast was a mob scene! Yikes!
  9. Started at $49 for 3 stars in Frederick (Hagerstown) and won on first bid. I hate when I win on first bid - I always think that I could have started lower! Ramada's website had lowest room at $89.10, so deal was decent. This website doesn't have any listings for 3 stars in this area and the Ramada Plaza is a stretch to be considered 3 stars. Needs updating. If I had known this hotel was included in this area, I would have started bidding lower. Please update the hotel listing for future bidders/travelers.
  10. Started at $43 and increased to $49 with adding additional zones. Hotel and PRICELINE sites have best rate of $109.
  11. Offered $58 a few days ago and re-bid this morning for $61. Best advance rate on hotel website is $99 - leisure rate is $119.
  12. Did not have much success with Resort hotels - started bid at $89 in this zone and re-bid at $94 with additional zone. Summary of Charges Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $94.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Guests Per Room: 2 Number of Nights: 4 Room Subtotal: $376.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $61.40 (USD) Total Room Cost: $437.40 (USD) Regular rates would have $159 for 2 nights and $249 for other 2 nights - $816+ total. Had a 4th night free promotion that would have saved one of those nights - guessing it would have been the $159 rate! Seems like we got a good deal...
  13. Bid $60 using the PRICELINE link and was immediately confirmed at the Marriott City Center. Marriott website had $189 as best available. I'm happy with the deal, but wondered if I should have started lower.... Hotel was clean and comfortable - no complaints (except for all the traffic detours for Tom Cruise's new movie filming downtown!)