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  1. Thanks for all your help. I gave in and decided to book with HOTWIRE. I got The Westin Diplomat on Hollywood Beach for $135 a night. Got it for 3 nights and 3 rooms for $868.22 I think that is a pretty good deal for the Westin! Thanks again!
  2. Sorry for posting in both the Hotwire and Priceline section, newbie here but I now know. Okay thank you for the help and I did what you said and yes I see the different star ratings in the different zones. So if I really want a 4* in Hollywood Beach, I can safely try adding the zone of Pompano Beach since they have no 4 stars, correct? Now what is my best way to bid again? Do I just start with the Hollywood Beach zone with a higher amount and then if it gets rejected do I add the Pompano Beach and bid the same or higher? Also I am pretty sure when I got rejected last time and it said to tr
  3. I have been reading the board and seeing what other people have been getting in Hollywood Beach 4* and it seems everyone is getting a good price. So I bid $80 a few days ago and got rejected Today I bid $90 and got rejected I am not that familiar with the re-bid zones, yes I did read up on it here but not confident to add a zone seeing how I only want Hollywood Beach. Does anyone have any advice on when and how I should bid next? Thanks!
  4. Sorry I keyed in Fitness twice, it should just be there once. Its now at $142, this morning it said Recommended in 95% of Hotwire customer reviews and now it doesnt say it, does that change usually? If its the Westin I would pay that $$ but not if its the Crowne Plaza that's why I wanted to know if there is a hint to which hotel it is. Any help from anyone? TIA
  5. Okay I clicked the HOTWIRE link from here, now this hotel from Jan 1-4 is $146 Resort Near Beach Fitness Centre Pools High Speed Internet Restaurants Golf Nearby Fitness Centre Business Centre Spa Any guesses if its the Westin Diplomat? If so prices are higher? Definately would like the lower price? Any expert help?
  6. Hi, I am new here and need a bit of help. So I went on Hotwire and I got a hotel in Hollywood Beach, FL, here are teh specs: 4 star $118 Resort Near Beach Fitness Centre Pools Restaurants Business Centre High Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Spa I see that its probably one of these two hotels: Westin Diplomat Crowne Plaza Can it only be these two? Is there a hint to which one it may be? One looks right on the beach and the other not. Thanks for helping a newbie!
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