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  1. Needed a one nighter in North Dallas next to Galleria. Bid once at $50 and Priceline asked me to bump up to $59 and I did. Bid was accepted. $59 plus $16.39 tax = $75.39 $16 parking!!!! So with that, total was $86.39. On the night of the booking, I did a search on the Hilton website, and the cost of the same room was $99 (not including taxes/parking). So, my winning bid of $59 was 40% off original price.
  2. With taxes, total was $74.16. Yeah, San Antonio has high hotel tax. Bid one day prior to booking. Originally bid $45 for 3.5 star; no luck. I also tried to bid $45 on 3 star with no luck. Priceline gave me a msg saying I could increase my bid by $12 and possibly get a hotel. $12 was minimum. So, I then bid $57 for 3.5 star and won the Marriott. Was happy to get this. Best price online for hotel was $109 before taxes. But...I did later see Express Deal on Priceline for 3.5 star for $58! So, i assume it's the same hotel! Oh well - I saved $1!
  3. Had $7 bonus bucks. Started bidding at $35 (+$7 bonus bucks = $42) - rejected Added another zone and bid $40 (+$7 bonus bucks = $47) - ACCEPTED. $40 bid + tax 15.27 = $55.27 out of pocket Awfully expensive taxes - I'm not sure if I'm getting taxed for $40 or $47, but still high. Used your PRICELINE link for the bid. Going rate on Priceline was $79, so my savings was ($79-$40) = $39. Pretty much expected the Holiday Inn based on the research on this board, so I'm happy to get it at 1/2 off! I just wished they had a free breakfast, but oh well - at least now I have $40 to spend on breakfast now! Thank you for teaching me how to take advantage of Priceline.
  4. There appears to only be one resort in the San Antonio Seaworld zone - the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort And Spa. I needed one night in San Antonio, and started bidding, using your PRICELINE link, at $50 with $7 bonus bucks.I realized the bids were lower than what I saw in past wins, but I figured I'd just try it anyways, just in case there was an off chance they might take a one nighter low bid. Bid $50, $57 total bid. rejected Bid $60 using additional zone, $67 total bid. rejected Bid $70 using additional zone, $77 total bid. rejected Bid $75 using additional zone, $82 total bid. rejected Bid $80 using additional zone, $87 total bid. rejected I then stopped. I figured by the time I added tax and the resort fee, it would get too expensive, so I opted to bid on a 3 star hotel, which I got at $40 bid (posted separately).
  5. I have been trying for the past 4 days to book the Hyatt Clearwater and each time, I had started from $95 to $130, to no avail, using various bid options. I was also a bit concerned that the Marriott also showed up as a 4* hotel in the Clearwater Beach area when I did a regular Priceline search. But, there were no reported wins at the Marriott on this board and another board, so I was hopeful. Today, I received a $10/day bonus bucks offer from Priceline. I was motivated to bid again and win this hotel. Not including my bonus bucks, I tried at $95, $100, $110, $120, $125, and $130, and then I decided to go up to $135 and won. The going rate was $219. So, it's 39% off. The total hotel cost was $135+$10 bonus bucks=$145. Of course, I still have to pay for the cost of self-parking ($18) and a resort fee of ($25) per day. I've read rave reviews about the place and the location is exactly where i want to be! So, I'm a happy camper. Thanks for your help on the bidding.
  6. 11/4/2012 - 11/6/2012 are my exact dates.
  7. I am interested in staying in Clearwater Beach (only interest is this zone, not surrounding ones) - 4*. $219 price retail in early November - 2 days. I started my bidding using your PRICELINE link at $95, going in $5 increments up to $125 using rebid zones. Unfortunately, no bites. I'm wondering if I'm too early to start bidding for early Nov. 2012 stay. I reviewed the winning bids and they seemed to vary from $95 to $125, so I think I'm in the right ballpark. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. Using your PRICELINE link, I tried bidding in $5 to $10 increments - $140, $150, $160, $165, $170, $180, $190! Based on previous comments I figured this was going to be the hotel I'd get. Just one night. Happy with the result! Thanks better bidding for teaching me how to bid.
  9. Tried 3.5 stars first at $50, but no luck. So, tried 3 starts at $45 and got the Hyatt Place. Total was $58.61 ($45 plus tax of $13.61). I'd never stayed in one before, so I wasn't sure how this would work out. I looked at the website and saw that the prepaid rate for a room at the Hyatt Place was $84, so I was satisfied with my winning bid. The hotel was quite new, was clean and offered continental breakfast for me and my family. The pipes were a bit noisy at night. Only thing I really wish the room had was a safe. There was no safe at the front desk either. Mostly families were staying here at the time I went. We went to Arlington to go to Six Flags, and this hotel was very convenient. We walked to the park (10 minutes). So, I saved on parking too! Ate at a restaurant nearby - Humperdinks, which was 5 minutes walking. So, the best part was the convenience of the hotel location. There are other hotels that are very close to Six Flags also (Sleep Inn, Homewood Suites, etc.) that are also walking distance.
  10. Happy with this bid! Lowest internet price was $109 for this day.