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  1. First Offer: 2 1/2* 35.00 (Previously accepted at this price; not today) Second Offer: 2* 40.00 (Also rejected) Third Offer: $42.00 Accepted, then "upgraded" to 2 1/2* Processing Fee : $5.95 Local Taxes and Fees: $5.04 Total Charges: $52.99
  2. Excellent advice, though it took me a while to get the concept through my head. Here's a suggestion which simplifies the process for me. Once you've decided on your city and dates, go to that city on Priceline and review EACH available location. Make a simple grid on paper. On the right list all the available locations; across the top list the various star levels. Put this grid off to the side of your computer and you'll have only one place to look as you begin manipulating star levels and locations, rather than clicking back and forth to determine which location offers which star level.