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  1. Going to Quantico for a graduation. Took a couple of days, started at $40, satisfied with $58. ("regular" Priceline lists it at $99). ALWAYS wait until the last few days for the best price when in a large city like DC! Used the BB PRICELINE link - thanks, guys!
  2. Minneapolis-St Paul showed $49.95 for economy on Hotwire (2 days from now for a funeral) and 59.95 on the regular sites, which I refused to pay, so I gave a shot on Priceline (using the BB BiddingHelper.com) at $35 - AVIS. I got it the first time which bummed me out - how low could I have gone!! But for a $3 upgrade I got a midsize. Pretty cool. Thnaks, Better Bidding - love you guys! (Sorry I didn't follow correct form and protocol on the title line - don't know how to edit that!)
  3. Forgot to mention that currently only Downtown has 4*, so there were about 9 free rebidding zones. Pretty sweet.
  4. Through Betterbidding.com I went to PRICELINE. Started at $60 for a 4* the other day and didn't get it by the time I got to $69. I retried today, starting at $66, scored at $73. Can't wait - I saw a Travel Channel bit on The Brown Hotel and have wanted to go there ever since! In town for a week convention - the "arranged" prices ranged from $108-150! LOVE Priceline + Better Bidding!
  5. Started at *4 @ $80 with White House area, added Capitol area, then Georgetown. Gotta love it.
  6. Used the Better Bidding PRICELINE link & got $15/day for a full-size car for Columbus Day weekend for friends coming into town. LOVE this site!
  7. Started at $55, entered multiple bids (initially targeting Chesapeake/Greenbrier), finally getting the Crowne Plaza by Town Center for $61. Stayed there before and it's a nice place. Used the Better Bidding PRICELINE link. I lOVE this website!
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