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  1. pets, business center, restaurant, free internet, indoor or outdoor pool, fittness center, nonsmoking Pets Policy: We accept dogs up to 80 pounds and all cats. No pet deposit is required; however, a cleaning fee may be added if necessary. Pets must be accompanied by their owner at all times. No pets may be left unattended in a guest room. used PRICELINE links...tried nyp up to $90 and no luck has it at $137...good deal in my book
  2. After stay update... The hotel and staff were excellent. If you're a starwood member, you'll get free internet and a higher floor. I got 10th floor with a nice view. Room was nice and clean. If you skip housekeeping for a day, you get a $5 card for Food. I used it for 2 cups of coffee most days...great perk. I had one dinner at the restaurant and went for the big$$ Buffalo Steak. It was one of the best steaks I have ever had. Overall a great hotel and a great deal.
  3. Used the BB PRICELINE links...of course...started at $75. Got offers for others that actually looked good...almost bought one that was $40 per night less than anywhere on the net. Added an exclusion and $80...rejected. Added downtown that has all the way up to 5*, but only wanted downtown if it was a great deal and went all the way to $82. Got The Westin Westminster. Current Priceline Retail is $181. I'd call it a great deal!
  4. Took a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal and got The Marcel at Gramercy Park. Looks like a new one for the list. Checked retail sites today and it's $309...pretty good deal at $207
  5. Thanks! The Wyndam looks good at $180, but I can't find it on PE or HW. My date in 10/25 and is a Saturday. How did you find them?
  6. JFK - was planning to take the AirTrain from airport to Penn Station. We would like to stay in Manhattan Thanks!
  7. We are heading to Washington DC for a week, but the Flight to NY was much cheaper and direct so we added a stopover in New York. We will be going out on Amtrak from Penn Station on Sunday at 5PM. I drew an arbitrary circle around Penn Station and figured the closer the better. I am very open to suggestions... Budget? $250 max per room with taxes would be nice Party size...Thanks for the reminder - The 13 Year old may be on the floor if we get stuck with one bed and can't sweet talk a roll away. Always be sweet at check-in, as they can make the stay good or bad. Not knowing NY at all, I picked the following areas. Madison Sq Garden Time Sq Midtown East Midtown West Empire Chelsea Greenwich Village
  8. Back at it... Start with 12 4* only at $185 to be 'different' than the bidding earlier today Funny - Hotel Fee is less $46 Redid the math - 190+50=240 - going back to 4.5* Start with 6, 13, 14, 18 4.5* $230 - reject Add 12, $235 - reject Added 1 $240 - reject total with fees is $300 per room...getting spendy stopping to consider other options for now...we are a party of 5 - 3 adults and 2 teenagers
  9. Just tracking my bidding for others to have the info if it helps... 2 rooms PE/Hotwire 4.5* at $330 6/4 Decided to try 4.5*, as that gave me exclusions zones where the highest is 4* Started at $150 with my preferred zones around Madison Sq Went $10 increments up to $230 using exclusion zones Went to 4* and this added a Hotel Fee of $50 - the zones selected did not change this Started at $120 and went up in $10 increments. I started with two of my preferred zones and added preferred zones as I rebid. I saved the two exclusion zones for the final two bids...stopped at $185/$210 with the fee I will play some more later...
  10. I was bidding on 2 rooms - 4.5 star in central manhattan and switched to 4 star as no success up to $230 using zones. On the review page for 4 Star at $175, there was a new line on the taxes/fees page for Hotel Fee of $50. I have never seen the Hotel Fee line before...anyone know about it? Thanks, Morgan
  11. Same day purchase Used the PRICELINE links...exclusion zones...wanted either USE or USW Started at 90 and went up by $5 Never been to this hotel, but I have seen it from the street - it looks nice.
  12. Looks like we're doing something else for this school break....I hope the bloglike post is helpful to someone...