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  1. Used the the BB PRICELINE link to book the hyatt regency montreal from oct. 5/11 to oct. 12/11 for $98/night. Tried for 3 days, bidding up to $100 each day for a 4 star hotel in the downtown/convention center-latin quarter areas. Finally, on the 4th day I selected the convention center-latin quarter area and bid $95 for my first bid for a 4 star hotel. It was rejected but instead of the usual "try again" page, it sent me to a page that told me that I would get the hotel if I bumped up my price to $109 and that it was a "one-time offer". I didnt take the bate, I went back to the re-bid page, added the downtown area and bumped my bid up to $98 and got the Hyatt regency! Hope this helps!
  2. Hey there, I am new to this whole process. I am looking to go to Montreal from oct. 5/11 to oct. 12/11 and would like to stay in the Hyatt Regency Montreal. Can you please help me with how you went about placing your bid for the hyatt regency montreal? It would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.