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  1. Board Op: The word Augustine is misspelled in the title (in case someone is using it as a search word). Thanks!
  2. Starting bidding ten days ago for a resort in St. Augustine, knowing the only one is World Golf Village Renaissance. Started my bidding at $62 per night based on other board wins, and rebid five times using other combinations of zones up to my max of $76 per night, failing each time. Four days ago, I started getting the message to raise my bid to $95 for acceptance, but that's outside my budget. Finally got an OK from the boss for a total expense up to $200, and hallelujah! won at $85 on the last rebid tonight. All bids through the Better Bidding PRICELINE link, and THANKS! Best price on the i
  3. Seeking clarification: Dropping my star rating to 2.5* eliminated any rebid zones since I was only interested in PVD and all Providence zones contain 2.5* and higher. I was OK paying $42 for 2.5* but, in essence, that bid failed when Priceline would only accept the counter offer of $51. Are you suggesting Priceline generates a lower counter offer based on a lower bid? What seems more likely is that Priceline won't even generate a counter offer if the gap between one's bid and the lowest acceptance price is too great. But hey, I might have found the La Quinta deal on my own, then, because when
  4. Using the board PRICELINE link, bid $40 for a 3* at Providence Airport, no luck. Added East Providence zone and rebid $42 for 3* -- received message to raise my bid to $59 for success. Dropped to 2.5* and bid $42. Received message to raise my bid to $51 for success. So I did, hoping for the Hampton Inn. BUT... La Quinta Inn & Suites Warwick-Providence Airport Offer Price: $51.00 Rooms: 1 Nights: 1 Room Subtotal: $51.00 Taxes & Fees: $14.26 Total: $65.26 On the acceptance Priceline claims "You saved 55%", but when you go to the La Quinta website, you can buy the room for $64 or a to
  5. This topic shows on the Priceline and Hotwire Calendar of Wins Priceline Georgia during a search for Oct. 2011.
  6. Bid through your PRICELINE link repeatedly, starting with 4* at $42, rebidding up to $56. Each time received message for acceptance if I offered $75, but that was out of my budget. Next, tried 3.5* starting at $38, rebidding up to $54. Each time received message for acceptance if I offered $67; still out of my budget. Started bidding 3* at $36 and received message for acceptance if I offered $50. Rebid until I scored at $47. Think this is a new property for the board and I'm really pleased because the rate on Marriott's website is $124 per night. Offer Price: avg. per room, per night $47.00 R
  7. Throwing in the towel for this trip; maybe next time.... One small suggestion: move the thread Priceline Airfare Re-Bidding to the Important Topics section at the top of the Airfare forum. I really appreciate all your help and always start my attempts using the board PRICELINE link. Thanks!
  8. Started bidding at $75 and bid ten times, increasing bid to $141 (which made my total $180.55) and was unsuccessful. Sigh. Is there any point in trying again this evening using the same amounts up to my maximum, in hope that inventory might be released? Can I also bid on the day of travel? Thanks for the advice.
  9. According to Pricelline's "Your Trip Summary" there are $50.95 of fees and tax on an airfate of $180.
  10. Visited Priceline, saw airfare in the $260 - $720 range. Am open to traveling at any hour those days. Budget is $180 inclusive of fees. Would appreciate any/all suggestions on how to bid. Thx
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