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  1. Thanks, I have been looking for name your own price for quite a while.
  2. Has been trying $85 for a few days, got it today. Did not try hard, had a few count offers, did not want to take.
  3. 4* Atlanta (Buckhead Area) J.W. Marriott Hotel Buckhead Atlanta $80 ... 4/26/12-4/28/12 Started off at $65 and was able to get a bite at $80 by using the multiple bidding method . Used this site PRICELINE link to start everything.
  4. Congratulations, your price of $55 was accepted by Holiday Inn Harrisburg West. I was planning to visit Hershey's Park, and wife wants at lest 3 *, when I playing with adding zones, forgot to low the price, guess $50 is possible too... but I am happy with it.
  5. Best Western Terrace Inn 2 Star Brighton - Brookline 1650 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Massachusetts 02135 617-566-6260 See Hotel Website View Map and Directions Check-In Date: Sun, Jul 12, 2009 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Fri, Jul 17, 2009 / 11:00 AM I saw cheapest price at HOTWIRE.com was 59, so I bid on 50, first try and won, pretty happy with it. Is it new to PRICELINE? It was not listed at the list in sticky post....
  6. 3 star hotel in Cambridge. I guess my question is really, can I get cheaper by PRICELINE? I thought if you tried PRICELINE, once it goes through, you are bound to it. Thanks.
  7. I thought the last minute price can be cheaper, right now I searched HOTWIRE, the price is aobut 90, :-( the date is: July 12 - July 17 thanks.
  8. I chickened out and booked through travel agent last time, but I always want to try to book a cheaper hotel. This time: July 12 -17, thanks.
  9. I chickened out and booked through travel agent, :-(
  10. I need a trip to boston, brokline area for a week in July, should I book now or wait for better price?
  11. HI, I would like to ask a technique question: In priceline, My trip, I have two bid already, didn't get any yet. 06/22/2005 Philadelphia, PA 3 24197355168 06/18/2005 Philadelphia, PA 1 24647622112 Can I delete one of them? I was just worried, suddenly both went through... Thanks, Mike
  12. If I don't get a count-bid, does that mean my bid was too HIGH? thanks, Mike
  13. I am new in priceline, how can you get an offer? I thought you can only bid... BTW, congradulations, that was a great price, I need go to Phali Oct too...
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