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  1. Each bid is for 2 (two) round trip airline tickets to Hawaii. The tickets are issued thru xxxxxxxx. Each ticket has a maximum value of $400 ($800 total) The tickets may be sold or transferred. Travel must be completed within 60 days. Travel from any US Airport and Canada. No blackout dates and not a timeshare. Any questions, ask before you bid. ebay BUY IT NOW PRICE= between $50-$60 EDIT by 'thereuare': i have paraphrased much of this post as i don't condone this seller and don't want to generate any additional attention to his Ebay auction and have others search for it at Ebay.
  2. I have never had so much trouble with rental cars as with those from Alamo! I would rent out of Seattle before I'd go with that company! You can walk over to National (same owner as Alamo) and get a good car.
  3. I hate US Airways, but these seats are too good to pass up that $437. fare is Boston-Frankfurt RT in mid August other destinations available http://usairways.com/promotions/specials/d...amond_deals.htm or http://www.travelzoo.com
  4. I did not carry that last one far enough! Now I see that Priceline has an "off airport" section for car rentals, and I ran the same rental through that: (when you go to PL/Off Airport, you select the agency, so I selected Budget) sample for 8/5, Full Size Beaverton quoted base=39.94;est total=40.27 Using the Priceline/Off Airport(Beaverton)/Budget-Rent-a-car/full size quote, I save $37. on this transaction/1 day
  5. I live in the NW USA, and Alaska is our line! If you go to www.alaskair.com after 5PM on any Tuesday, they show e-specials for the coming week, and they can be impressive! This week, I noticed these fares: Portland to Sacramento, $34.OW Portland to Oakland or LAX, $63.OW Portland to SFO, $129.RT I flew last week, Portland (PDX) to San Jose (SJC), $109.RT
  6. JetBlue has some fantastic specials: Long Beach to Oakland=$29.; NY to Ft. Lauderdale or New Orleans=$59.; Oakland to Atlanta=$79.; NY to Oakland or San Diego=$99. these are not the rack rates (you have to look for the Specials) seats are limited, and blackout dates do apply over the holidays I think they use JFK in NY, but don't hold me to that www.JetBlue.com
  7. PDX/Portland Oregon renters might want to save a few bucks by viewing this post under Priceline http://www.betterbidding.com/index.php?act...T&f=184&t=1651&
  8. I have rented the same truck in Oregon, and have found it a good deal, and a pleasure to drive, however, I want to warn you that your insurance coverage will probably not be adequate. If you rely on the coverage from your bank card, you'd better read the fine print. My cards (platinum) will cover an SUV, but not a pickup! CAUTION
  9. Warning/savings for Portland, Oregon renters: You can save a bundle by not renting at Portland airport! Based on a quote from Budget for this sample, you can save $32. by going off airport, next county sample for 8/5, Full Size, Portland Airport/PDX quoted base=61.99;est total=77.86 off airport quoted base=44.99;est total=45.32 the off airport location is Beaverton (direct rail transfer from airport, approx. 1 hour travel time) not the same county as PDX
  10. I got my very first PL bid of $18. for a midsize (AVIS/GM Alero) on a 1 day rental
  11. I know San Diego very well (my parents live there), and when I hear of someone considering staying downtown I shudder! San Diego has one of the nicest beaches in America, and one of the most boring downtowns in America. With the exception of Balboa Park and convenient access to the Trolley, why would you want to consider this option? First of all, yes, you certainly must have a car here. Traffic can be a problem in this area, and summer tourists love this town too much. You will want to see Tijuana also, but you should take the trolley, since it's fun, and also since you will not have to worry about parking at the border. I realize that rooms near the beach will not be plentiful on PL & HW, but DO NOT STAY DOWNTOWN! Harbor/Shelter Islands are just next door to the airport and downtown, but provide a much nicer atmosphere. Point Lobos and Pacific Beach are also possibilities. The town of Del Mar is fabulous, as is La Jolla (the wealthy). Coronado Island is another very good choice - this has the largest beach. With all of these great options, treat yourself to a few extra pennies, and STAY THE HELL OUT OF DOWNTOWN!
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