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  1. Chicago Bluesfest is June 10-12 Grant Park 500,000 attendees ! (great music, too)
  2. Started bid $51 Recvd offer of $67,turned it down Bid again 55, no luck Bid last $60, won
  3. Not thrilled about this win... Bid up to $49 on "Name your own Price", then, switched to PRICELINE EXPRESS. This was $55, 2 1/2 *. When I pushed on "what hotel", it listed: similar to: Holiday Inn ExpressBest WesternHamptonHoliday InnFairfield InnMarriott Springhill SuitesIt did not include Quality Inn. This Inn also has only 6.5% rating- many complaints about cleanliness. I could've booked this directly for $64, and, probably gotten a discount with AAA. I've done better in most other attempts at bidding. Pets, Parking, Biz, Internet,. Breakfast, Pool, Fitness Cntr I used Bidding.Helper
  4. started at $75, $5 increments Received counter offer at the $105 bid for $133 Continued bidding until offer accepted $115 ($135.02 with fees) I did notice that PL included estimated resort fees of up to $25 Of course, I started with the BB link to Price.line
  5. Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower
  6. Amenities: Free parking Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Airport shuttle Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Accessibility
  7. $62 + 16.68 taxes and fees= $78.68 I did use BB HOTWIRE link. Thanks!
  8. Fairmont, WV $51 Room $17.86 tax & fees $67.86 Total Pet Friendly, Breakfast, & ( I forgot which of the other amenities were posted) Also, I used the HOTWIRE link from this site.
  9. Oh, I forgot to say that I did use the site's PRICELINE link to start my purchase and search
  10. PRICELINE EXPRESS Booked date of stay Pool, Fitness, Breakfast, Pet, Parking, Restaurant, Internet Room $56 Taxes $14.56 Total $70.56 Result= Happy Dance!
  11. Bid Priceline, 3*, up to $49, rejected. Took the Express route, $59 plus 13.67 = $72.67 Used the PRICELINE link, (but, used partner's PL sign-in).
  12. 2 1/2 *, 9.3 Rating and a Customer Fave, 117 + 62 fees/taxes= $413 for 3 nights Pool, Fitness, Parking, Internet, Breakfast, Business Center This is a new hotel, great reviews on Trip Advisor I tried Priceline bidding up to 110/night, rejected, So, this turned out well
  13. I started with 4* bids in UNiversity area $52, to $68. Then, I decided to start over with 3 1/2*. I closed browser, bid Downtown 3 1/2*, was upgraded to a 4* win. Nice win, but 1st bid in that zone and star level- so, I always wish I had started lower!
  14. 1st bid $9 Full: rejected but PL came back with offer of $11, which I rejected 2nd bid $9 Standard accepted. Total $134.98 Used the PRICELINE link, thanks.
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