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  1. Started bid at $65 for 4* Quincy Market-Faneuil Hall-Financial, rejected changed to Copley Square-Theatre District, selected 3.5* bidded $66, accepted date 9/5-9/7/09 offer price $66 number of nights 2 subtotal $132 Taxes and service fees $25.38 total $157.38 the parking is $37 per day. any advice on where to find cheaper/safe parking near the hotel? I used BetterBidding PRICELINE link to bid. thanks stan
  2. Please help identify the above hotel. Here are the emenities: airport shuttle, fitness center, pools, restaurant, business center, laundry facilities, high speed internet and spa services. For 8/12 thru 8/15 for 2 adults and 2 children. i checked the hotel lists but the amenities do not much. also can i take metro trains or buses to hollywood from the hotel airport? thanks for your help. stan
  3. Hi, it turned out to be the Desert Rose condo for $59 per night from 8/7 to 8/12 for 1 bedroom suite. desert rose condo online reservation showed $75.80 for the same periods. i used the HOTWIRE links to book the hotel. Thanks for your help. stan
  4. Hi, I need help identify this property 3* condo in near strip east. amenities: condo, 1 bedroom suite, fully equipped kitchen, complimentary breakfast, free parking, fitness center, pool, and front desk, laundry facility,high speed internet access, golf nearby. the date range is 8/7 thru 8/13/09 for $58 per night. is this the desert rose resort? any comment on the room there would be appreciated. thanks. stan
  5. Hi Thereuare, For Crowne Plaza Hotel Clark and the Holiday Inn Edison, the rates are for 2 adults and 2 children. I was able to play with the dates by changing one day at a time. For instance if I put in the dates from 7/20-7/24 and the result showed 3.5* in Woodbridge-Edison, I tried again by changing the dates to 7/19-7/24 until the result stop showing the same star and area. Then I would change the date on the other end (7/24 to 7/25). I think it's not so easy if not impossible to do this with Priceline as you are required to change one of the three criteria (zone, star rating and dates). Stan
  6. Here is the detail info on the win from Hotwire: Rating: 3* Zone: Edison-Woodbridge Hotel: Holiday Inn Edison dates: 7/13 - 7/17 Price: $79 Fees: $49.49 amenities: fitness center, pool, restaurant, business center, laundry facility, high speed internet access Holiday Inn website showed the rate at $149/night for the same period. Stan
  7. Here is more detail info: star rating: 3.5* Zone (city): Woodbridge, NJ Hotel: Crowne Plaza Hotel Clark Dates: 07/17-07/25 Price per room/night: $69 Tax recovery charge and fees: $81.57 Amenities: Fitness center, pool, restaurant, business center, laundry facility, hogh speed internet access Crowne Plaza website showed room rate at $198/night for the same periods. Stan
  8. Hi Thereuare, The following hotels were booked on Hotwire through Betterbidding link: 3.5*, Crowne Plaza Clark, Clark, NJ, $69 for 8 nights total $633.57 3*, Holiday Inn, Eddison, NJ, $79 for 4 nights total $365.49. I bidded up to $85 on Priceline for 3* hotel without success. Thanks for your help. Stan
  9. Hi, I bidded up to $85 for 3* in Edison/Woodbridge area - not accepted. I selected Edison/Woodbridge, 3* , 7/13-7/26, start bid $65 - rejected selected North Brinswick (highest is 2*), 3*, 7/13-7/26, bid $70 - rejected selected Baskin Ridge (highest is 2.5*), 3*, 7/13-7/26, bid $80 - rejected changed date to 7/13 - 7/25, bid $85 - rejected. Hotwire has 3* in same area for $79 for 7/13-7/24 for 2 adults and 2 kids. Is Hotwire 3* rating the same as Priceline 3* rating? Am I correct that Priceline 3* has better hotels that Hotwire? What are the Hotwire's 3* hotels ? Any help with what I did in my bidding above would be apprciated. I only have through tonight to make my booking. I used Betterbidding link to get to Priceline and Hotwire. Thanks. Stan
  10. Hi, 2 adults and 2 children. For HOTWIRE, can I just put in 2 adults only just to get the 3.5* and then call the hotel and ask for 2 beds? Or do they normally give 2 double beds ? Is it strick for HOTWIRE when I select 2 adults, do the hotel only expect just 2 adults, and won't allow additional children? I know PRICELINE only ask how many rooms and not number of persons. The amenities for the 3* in New Brunswick are: fitness center, pool, restaurant, business center, laundry facility and High speed internet. Thanks, Stan
  11. Hi, I went back to Hotwire and took out 2 children. It does show 3.5* for $69 in Edison/woodbridge area. Can you tell why they charge more for 2 children under 12? Thanks. Stan
  12. Hi, Sorry I don't see it. I used Woodbridge for Jul 13 thru 26, and it shows 3* for $52 in New Brunswick. Do you know what hotel this is? Then I used Edison for the same dates, and it showed the same thing. The 3.5* is $146 in Edison - woodbridge area. I don't see any 3.5* for $69. Thanks. Stan
  13. Hi Thereuare, I went to HOTWIRE and I use Edison as location. I did not see 3 1/2* for $69. Which location did you use? Thanks again. Stan
  14. Hi, I think my max bid would be $80. Thanks. Stan
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